Tuesday Practice News and Notes

<B>RALEIGH, N.C. --</b> Brief notes from Coach Amato and an update with defensive tackle John McCargo are featured in this report.

Tuesday's Aren't Good
He doesn't know what it is, but apparently Tuesday hasn't been the best day for the Wolfpack on the practice field, according to head coach Chuck Amato.

"I don't know what it is, I swear I don't," he said. "Maybe it's just the fact that they are getting used to the scout squad."

"We competed against one another in the middle of practice and then we worked on Wake Forest for an hour," Amato added. "I get upset, not at the scout squad but at the other side."

NC State will practice again on Wednesday and Thursday before taking Friday off to rest for Saturday's game against Wake Forest.

McCargo Competes
Ever wonder how John McCargo, arguably NC State's best defensive lineman, made it out of Virginia? The Hokies and Cavaliers rarely let the state's best leave, but NC State actually had to hold off the Richmond Spiders for McCargo.

"Virginia Tech came and talked to me a little, but I think it was a grade thing," McCargo said. "Virginia Tech and UVA came, but they didn't stick with me. NC State stuck with me the whole time, and I'm happy with it."

McCargo was dynamic against the Hokies, registering three tackles for a loss and practically living in the Virginia Tech backfield.

"It's the scheme we're running, and I give all the credit to Coach Herring," McCargo said. "He's a brilliant defensive coordinator. We go out here and practice hard, and what we do works."

Wake Forest will present a different challenge in the trenches than Virginia Tech did. Not as big as the Hokies, the Deacons are technically sound and athletic enough to have the versatility to compete with NC State's defensive line.

"They do a lot of pulling, so we've got to stay low and play hard," McCargo said. "This game's probably going to based on how we play up front. Their offensive line does a lot of movement so it depends on how we play."

Will NC State change its aggressive nature on defense to match up with the misdirection that Wake Forest uses?

"I think we're going to be aggressive," he said. "That's what Coach Herring wants. We're so used to going 100% and going as fast as we can. We can't change that."

Speaking of Coach Herring, he informed the media that he thought NC State was "dominated" last year against Wake Forest. Apparently, the media wasn't the only ones who heard that fiery speech from Coach Herring.

"He let us know that yesterday," McCargo said. "I can't make excuses. We just didn't play well. This year we're going to try and do what we can to go out there and win."

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