Wake Forest Press Conference Quotables

<B>WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. --</b>Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe and several players met the media this week and here's a sampler of what they had to say.

Head Coach Jim Grobe

On NC State's change from being a strong offensive to a strong defensive team:
"I think everybody's team changes from year to year, and certainly when you lose a player like Philip Rivers things are going to change a little bit. But you adapt, you take the players you've got and try and be good in all three areas. Certainly some years, you're going to be stronger on offense and some years be stronger on defense and that changes."

On playing on the road:
"You want to keep it simple, not beat yourself and not make a lot of mistakes. We've already been in a couple of tough environments already at Clemson and East Carolina. This will be very similar to Clemson's environment. The thing you've got to be careful about is that you do not take too much offense or too much defense on the road because you have a tendency to make a lot of mistakes if you're not careful."

On the offense:
"I think everybody knows we have a few wrinkles. That's kind of the way they look at us offensively, not just NC State. We try to keep people off balance if we can. Again every week we make changes."

On confidence after the BC win:
"I think it's good the way we feel right now; our kids have confidence, but I think our players realize we're a pretty young football team. We made a ton of mistakes and have a lot of things we can work on from the Boston College game, so I don't think there is any sense by our football team that we've arrived by any means."

"I really felt like we would beat Clemson, I just had a sense going down there we were in great shape. I thought we were going to play real physical and thought we'd come out of there with a win. To lose at Clemson kind of put us behind the eight-ball, so beating Boston College was key for us, not only for a motivational standpoint on going to Raleigh but also to get our confidence back."

On establishing the Wake Forest football program:
"I think for us, having a chance to win every Saturday is really important. The thing we need to do is win our share, and certainly going and playing against a really good NC State team in their backyard and winning, it would be hard to tell what that would do for our football team right now."

On the defense playing a lot of snaps:
"Our defense has something to do with that. I thought that part of being on the field too long was our defense's fault against Boston College. We let them have a couple third down situations where we could have gotten off the field. Certainly from an offensive standpoint, we want to control a little bit of clock time. Too many three and outs on this level are bad, and we want to get some first downs every time the offense takes the field. You really have to play and win as a team. If you have your defense on the field too long you're going to be in trouble against anybody."

On NC State's defense:
"I think in addition to 10 sacks they had 16 minus yardage plays, so they had about 26 plays where they tackled Virginia Tech behind the line of scrimmage. That has our attention, and losing Brodie Overstreet and having a couple other guys banged up and not playing full speed is a problem. We have a young offensive line and not a lot of depth and their defensive front is impressive."

On young players making plays:
"It's exciting. I've gone through the Boston College game a couple of times and over and over, you see young guys making plays. Young guys are helping you win football games, so it's great for the future, but realistically we have got to live today. We're a little out-gunned sometimes, but we've got good young players and that's exciting."

On Jonathan Abbate:
"We were really disappointed last year when Jonathan got hurt. We were able to redshirt him last year. We didn't know how he would come off that shoulder injury last year, but he's a sideline to sideline guy. He never takes a play off, he's always full speed, he's a pretty physical guy, really good tackler, really athletic, and has really good foot speed. In a linebacker, he's got everything we're looking for. Our number one concern is finding good football players, especially players with a good motor; players that play at full speed every play, and that's what we have in Jonathan."

Senior center Blake Lingruen

On the Boston College win:
"Last week was an amazing win for us. We knew we had to go in there and walk out with a victory. We just need to carry that momentum with us into this week, play a good game, and get things done this weekend."

On being 3-1 instead of 2-2:
"We go game by game, but 3-1 looks great for us, especially if we want to go to a bowl. We are definitely in must-win situations this year with a lot of our games if we want to go back to a bowl. Definitely last week was a must-win situation and we came out with a win."

Redshirt freshman linebacker Jonathan Abbate

On beating Boston College:
"It was a really big win for us. The main thing is to realize is that week is over with and we have a really big game coming up this week against NC State and we need to focus on that."

On the importance of beating Boston College:
In the ACC, it is hard to get six wins to become bowl eligible and becoming bowl eligible doesn't always mean you get to go to a bowl in this conference. To win against BC was a big win and help us become bowl eligible.

On gamedays:
"Saturdays, it's the best feeling in the world to be out their on the field. I try to play every play like it might be my last play. It is just fun times out there."

On the defense:
"Defensively, we are playing pretty well. We are hustling every play and everyone out there wants to hit someone which is a plus for us. We have been making some mental errors, and I think that is the biggest thing we need to cut back on. We are coming together real well."

Junior wide receiver Chris Davis

On playing NC State:
"A win this Saturday would big very, very big and give us another level of confidence. It would allow us to have that extra fire about ourselves that we already have, but it would be bigger if we were to come out and get a big win in Raleigh.

On coming into the game on a three-game winning streak:
"Our momentum is high, but we are never too high or low. We have to play in the middle. We have to come out and do things that help us win the game."

On NC State:
"They are one of the most aggressive defenses that we have faced so far. They are going to go man-to-man and try to knock you down. We are not going to worry about that. We are going to come out and just play Demon Deacon football, executing our plays and taking care of ourselves. This is what Coach Grobe is talking about when he says Demon Deacon football. It is coming out and winning, executing, taking care of your brother and the ball."

Senior linebacker Brad White

On beating Boston College:
"It is huge. Going into BC last week, it was the start that is probably be the hardest four game stretch of football in the country this season: Boston College, NC State, Virginia Tech and Florida State. You have to be up and ready for every single one of those. You have to be willing to fight tooth and nail. It was a huge win to get started on this four game series.

On NC State's defense:
"They are the number one defense in the country, so it is great to measure up with their defense blow for blow. Every stop they make of our offense, we have to rise up and make better stops against their offense. It is going to be a heavyweight fight and who can stand the most blows is going to be the last one standing."

On establishing the Wake Forest football program:
"The key to keep the program moving is to keep the record moving. To be 4-1 with two tough games in that stretch remaining would be unbelievable for us. We have a lot of confidence going in, but to be 4-1 instead of 3-2 is huge mentally, especially winning in a place like NC State. We have so much confidence and it would keep this program progressing in the right direction."

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