Locker Room Report -- Wolfpack Players

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the 27-21 victory over Wake Forest, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Quarterback Jay Davis
Quarterback Philosophy:

We're going to play who's hot. Marcus was hot against Virginia Tech, and I was hot against Wake Forest.

Starting second half:
We were going to switch until we found out whoever that was. They didn't tell me until I stepped on the field.

Will they continue switching quarterbacks?
They haven't really said anything, but I'd imagine we'll keep doing this. It seems to really help the team out.

What does this performance do for your confidence?
It certainly helps my confidence level, but really the whole offense picked up their game. Especially in the second half. It was a good feeling.

Was the completion to Hicks a load off your shoulders?
Really it was an easy throw. He made the play with the run and that ended up setting the tone for the offense. Sterling deserves a lot of credit for that.

Defensive End Mario Williams
Halftime Adjustments:

We really didn't change anything. The only thing we did is come out and play our base defense. Coach Herring was relaxed and he said , 'you've got to wake up.' He relaxed us and we did what we had to do.

Wake had success rushing up the middle. What were they doing?
Wake Forest is a great team. They came out there and was really giving it to us. We just had to get off the cut blocks and start making plays.

They were successful on reverses, but you made a crucial stop early in the third. Talk about that play.
We started recognizing the reverse and we were waiting for the quarterback pass off it. Later in the game we started recogizing it better and on that one I knew it was coming. We just started being more alert for it and those screens in the second half. I think that was the big difference.

Running Back T.A. McLendon
Thoughts on the game:
It really shows how much heart the team has and it proves how good our defense is. Is also shows how good our offense is. We can score when we're down, and we can make plays on defense when we're down.

Halftime adjustments?
It was really just us. We knew what we had to do, and we really just came together. We couldn't keep missing assignments and we had to just do it. We're a family and a family always sticks together.

Tight End T.J. Williams
Was it a concern to get your more touches this game?
I didn't know it was coming. We go over the game plan and we just adapt during the game. It was a good thing for me that I was getting open.

Quarterback situation:
It's a rotation thing. They are going to put the players in there that they want. It doesn't matter how you do on a certain possession, the coaches are going to do what it takes to win.

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