Locker Room Report -- Amato Meets the Media

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Head Coach Chuck Amato met with the media following the 27-21 victory over Wake Forest, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Opening Statement:
Big, big win. I don't know what more I can say. We went in at halftime down 14-0, but the fact that seven of them were from an interception, our only turnover. So the turnovers are coming down, but the penalties. They were so huge and hurt every drive.

We came out in the second half with a 57-yard touchdown pass to Hicks. It set the energy for the second half.

We came here this morning for what we call 'The Walk of Champions.' I guess the homecoming people celebrated too much last night because if it wasn't for the band no one would have been there. Everybody slept in the first half. The fans, the players... everybody. They finally woke up in the second half.

In overtime we wanted to put the ball in the middle of the field on second down so we could try the field goal. If we had a bad snap we could try another field goal. But after the run it was on the right a little bit, so we told T.A. to run the ball over the left center and don't stop until he gets to the endzone. And he did... he finally paid attention to us.

He did a great job. He touched the ball thirty times and I think he had one reception on a hot, humid day. The offensive line did an outstanding job.

Jay Davis, what can you say about the kid? Somebody without character could have gone in at halftime and said it was over. He comes out in the second half and moves the team like nobody's business. He just took control and took command. I thought our offense did some real good things after halftime, and the energy we had in that third quarter was amazing.

Looks like you changed your defense in the second half.
No we didn't change the defense in the second half. Well, we tightened up our chin straps. That's the only adjustment we made.

What did you say to Jay after the game?
I complemented him. Because he really does know the offense and both of them are probably pushing the ball too much. They are just trying to make a play. Work the pocket, be cool and let your instincts take over. It's like in a multiple choice test. Usually your first thought is probably close to being the right decision.

I had a lot of them in college, and I'm glad because I wouldn't have graduated if I didn't.

We're going to need both of them the whole year. There's no doubt about it.

This was a breakout game for the offense. I think in the first half we had maybe ninety yards? We did a great job in the second half. On big plays too.

Thoughts on defense in the first half:
We gave up one touchdown on defense. They scored on the offense.

I tell those guys on Tuesday. Bad practice because we can't get a look. It takes reps to get used to that thing. Those reps paid off in the second half.

It was 14-0 and seven points were scored on the offense. They are going to move the ball on everybody they play. There's no doubt about it. What they have, 80 yards in the second half? 180 yards in the first half? Something like that.

How impressed were you with Wake Forest?
I've been impressed with them all along, but I was more impressed with my football team. Give our football team a lot of credit. I want to talk about my football team.

What have you learned about the Wolfpack in the past few weeks?
That NC State's a well-coached team too. Not me, I'm talking about my coaches. I'm talking about my coaches. They made some adjustments at halftime and nobody panicked. We know what we've got to do. We've got a lot of experience on that staff.

Can you talk about the way T.A. ran the ball today?
A healthy T.A. has been doing that since he was a freshman, and we've had him healthy for three out of four games. We want to put his hands on the football because you never know. He fights, he fights, he fights and he's learning to protect the football better.

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