Adams Talks Football and Recruiting

Friday night in a 28-0 victory over Western Harnett, <B>Josh Adams</b> ran the ball 18 times for 211 yards and two touchdowns.

Friday night in a 28-0 victory over Western Harnett, Josh Adams ran the ball 18 times for 211 yards and two touchdowns.

It wasn't the normal dominating effort that Cary fans have become accustomed to from Adams, but afterwards he was more excited about the way the defense played. With a game against previously undefeated Garner looming next week, and the festivities of homecoming surrounding them last night, the Imps didn't play with the same sense of urgency they normally have, and it looked like they were working on a few different elements of the offense for the tough schedule ahead.

Adams only had two carries in the second quarter; both touchdowns. The first was a trademark 57-yarder that showed a little bit of everything. He started up the middle, saw nothing was there, and used his great speed to get to the corner and turned it up for a huge gain. With linebackers on his heels, the safety had the angle and was in great position to push him out of bounds. Instead, Adams cut on a dime and attacked the safety, running right through him and outracing the field for the final 25 yards. His second touchdown was a sweep to the right, going untouched from a yard out after quarterback Daniel Polk ran and passed the team down the field in a two-minute drill. Later in the game Adams had a 40-yard touchdown run called back for an illegal block after he was already sprung.

For the season Adams has carried the ball 161 times for 1,858 yards for the 7-0 Imps, averaging 11.5 yards per carry and 265 yards per game rushing. He has scored 19 touchdowns on the ground, and is the team's third leading receiver with six catches for 96 yards and a touchdown (the two receivers in front of him have eight and seven catches). He is also 1-for-3 passing, connecting on a 76 yard touchdown in the first game. And while he does line up deep on kickoffs, teams are smart enough to pooch it short. On his only kickoff return this year he took it back 87 yards for a score.

What did you think of the game?

We played pretty hard; made a few mistakes, but we stuck in there and the defense stepped up on the goal line, and we got the shutout. It feels good to know that the defense has our backs when the offense slows down.

You didn't have your normal crazy night. Would you rather run for 300 yards or have the team get a shutout?

Getting the shutout was great. I'm not worried about my stats, I just worried about the team coming out with a victory, which we did again tonight.

I saw you at the NC State game last week. Where'd you get that nice red shirt?

I think State's a pretty good team, but I've still got a couple of years of high school left, so I'm just going to concentrate on high school, and then start worrying about moving on.

Are you going to the State/Wake Forest game?

Yeah, I'll be there.

Are you thinking about colleges at all?

A little bit. It's in the back of my mind, but I'm just worried about classes and making it through the next grade.

Who are you hearing from so far? Everybody?

Yeah, kinda. Notre Dame, NC State, Ohio State. And Carolina and all the other ACC teams.

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