Sunday Teleconference: Amato Quotables

<B>RALEIGH, N.C. -- </b>Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato held his weekly teleconference this afternoon and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Coach, you mentioned after the Virginia Tech game that they had great fans and knew how to cheer. Yesterday there was an announcement urging your fans to do it. Was that your doing?
I think it was a little mouse that did it. I don't know. I mentioned it and I think the people have picked up on it. I did mention it, and I would have liked to see if we could get that done.

Is the plan still the third series for Marcus?

Can you talk about the play of the offensive line in the second half?
They did a good job of making nice holes and sustaining blocks for T.A. to run and for Jay Davis to be protected. They did an outstanding job.

That was sparked by one big play off the bat. Those are the things that generate all that and gets everybody fired up, but they did an outstanding job.

Was the rotation of Holt and Newby into the lineup because of Colmer and Morris being injured or due to them playing well recently?
It's more about how well they've been playing, but it was awfully hot out there. We had a couple of kids that were IV'ed at halftime, and it was awfully hot and muggy on that field. It was maybe one of the muggiest days that we've had around here to practice and/or play. There was a lot of sweat and a lot of water being perspired by our players. We felt the more we could get in there the better off we might be in the end.

What do you know about your team that you didn't know maybe a month ago?
That there's going to be no easy games. That when we execute we can be pretty good. We've got an awful lot of work in front of us, and we've got to keep harping on discipline or we're going to have problems.

You mentioned the penalties killed you against Ohio State and there were a lot yesterday, what can you do to take away those penalties?
What can you do really? We had officials out there a couple of days a week and we take down every penalty that's called and not called that we think is a penalty.

The penalty on the last punt return took us out of a chance to have good field position. We make twenty yards and we have a shot to kick a field goal to win the game in regulation. We had a penalty that cost us a touchdown, but we've got to keep harping on it.

Was Bobby Washington the type of runner you thought he would be once you got him into a few games?
Yea. We've got a bunch of good running backs and we can't get them on the field enough. Last year we wanted to get Jay Davis more on the field when Philip was a senior. Even when Philip was a junior, but we couldn't because of the games we were in.

Darrell Blackman was hurt. We were going to hold him out of yesterday's game. We need to get Reggie Davis in there because Reggie's a good downfield runner.

But when you've got a guy like T.A. McLendon, it's hard to get some of these kids a lot of reps. He's just such a bulldog when he gets in there and runs the ball.

Did you take Morris out because of the penalty on the touchdown that was called back?
I don't know. I don't like to take, unless it's absolutely foolish, somebody out of the game on something like that. If that did happen it wasn't because of the penalty.

How much does the result in the North Carolina game impact in-state recruiting?

I think it's got an impact, but really sometimes our needs are different from each other. A lot of the seeds have been planted in the recruiting even prior to the game. If they really strongly want to go to the University of North Carolina or they really want to go to our school, I don't believe that one game is going to be the factor involved in it. It can be used, but I don't know if it's the final analysis.

If it's a close call could it be a tipping point?
Possibly. With these kids you never know what sends their elevator to the top.

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