Locker Room Report -- Wolfpack Players

<B>CHAPEL HILL, NC -- </b>Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the 30-24 loss to North Carolina, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Quarterback Jay Davis
Thoughts on the final call:

The call was the call. We had another shot to get it in there and didn't do it.

How confusing was it to be on the field while the touchdown was overturned?
It kind of helped us out I guess because we were able to get another play call I guess. It was a little confusing.

Trouble in the red zone:
We've got to get in the endzone when we get down there. We just didn't seem to do that today and we've got to get it in the endzone.

Defensive End Mario Williams
How surprised were you with how Hedgecock played?

He was pounding and pounding. He kept gaining yards and we couldn't slow him down. He did a great job today.

Was that a surprise?
Of course because I had never seen him back there before. We have to handle things like that. We have to go out there and make adjustments and we didn't do that.

How confusing was that final play?
It wouldn't have been confusing if we had just walked it in. What the calls the refs made... that's what they made. We can't do anything about that. We should have just made it obvious. It should have been plain as day and we wouldn't have had confusion.

Running Back T.A. McLendon
Do you think you were in on that second to last play?
I was.

You were absolutely sure you got the ball in?
They called a touchdown didn't they?

Why do you think they called it off?
I don't know. It's a referee thing. I guess they talked about it. I guess they didn't think I was in.

Did you intentionally let go of the ball when you knew you were stopped?
No. I didn't get a good hold of it, and it was knocked out of my hand.

Were you having a physical problem?
No. I was just sore. My hamstring was sore, and I was unable to run.

How frustrating was it?
I just wanted to be in there, and I couldn't be in there. Those guys really stepped up running the ball. Reggie Davis did a good job running the ball... Darrell and Bobby Washington. The offensive line did a good job.

Can you talk about the emotions you're feeling?
What do you think I'm feeling? You see my face? I'm not happy. Do I look happy? No.

Did you ever get an explanation?
No. No I didn't.

How confusing was that?
We can't do anything about that. We don't make the calls out there. They say we wasn't in then we wasn't in. We lost the game. Plain and simple.

Wide Receiver Tramain Hall
What happened on that last play from your point of view?
I thought we were going to win. After that 4th and 6 I knew we were going to drive. We were going to put some points up. Unfortunately, it didn't happen.

You had to settle for field goals. What did you think of that?
That hurt us. We need to put it in, but we were settling for field goals. That played a big role.

What were they doing to slow you down?
I think we were hurting ourselves. The guys knew it, missing assignments. We knew in the second half we had to put up points.

What view did you have on the last play?
I thought he was in. I was right there. Then I heard the ref blow the whistle. Those things happen. It shouldn't have been that way. We should have truly won this game.

What happened on that punt?
I waved my man away so I could go one-on-one with #2. I didn't want him to block him in the back. So I waved my man away, and the ref right there didn't even call it. It was that line judge who said I fair caught it. I just waved him away so I could make that one person miss and get to the wall.

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