Sunday Teleconference: Amato Quotables

<B>RALEIGH, N.C. -- </b>Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato held his weekly teleconference this afternoon and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Coach, you have anymore comments on the controversial play after reviewing film?
I do, but I can't [comment].

Have you ever coached a game where you outgained a team by 220 yards and lost?
No. I sure haven't. I don't think I've ever coached a game that a team has rushed for over 300 yards.

Is there any one thing you can put your finger on?
The turnovers were big. We've got to score because people are going to score on you. They had 350 plus yards themselves and 170 came on five plays. Two of those were touchdowns... easy touchdowns. You've got to make them work for every point they can get.

Was there any reason given for the ten second run off at the end of the game?
Nope. There's a lot of things that... let me just stop.

Do you plan to go with Jay exclusively or do you still hope to work Marcus in there?
Jay's going to be the person but we still need to get Marcus in there. We don't want to get caught in the situation where if something happens to Jay.

He was really good yesterday... I'll tell you what. The play that comes to mind was the fourth and sixth in the fourth period. Two guys hit him right in the mouth, but he stepped into the throw and hit T.J. Williams right in the hands.

We've got to continue working with Marcus because he needs that experience.

Have you filed any kind of formal complaint or protest with the league?
I want to get some reactions... nothing formal. Nothing formal at this point.

What's it going to do? It may help someone else win a game, but it doesn't help us.

Did you consider passing the ball on the second to last play?
Yes we did, but the ball started on the half yard line. Before it was snapped it was on the six inch line. Daggone, you just run for over 300 yards, you think you ought to be able to get six inches.

Maryland's considering a midseason quarterback change. What's the hardest part in deciding which way to go?
You've got to put everything on the table and see how important things are for the team.

Ralph [Friedgen] is the king of quarterbacks. He's done such a great job with quarterbacks over the years. I mean that in a positive manner, and he knows what he's doing if that's in fact what he's talking about doing.

Reggie Davis did some good things, and Darrell Blackman looks like he's back. Are there some sets to get two of the running backs on the field at the same time?

Yes. Yesterday we had three on the field at the same time. They are all playmakers. They really are.

Will the team watch the film together or is it a situation where you don't want them to see it?
We've got to put this game behind us. It's an emotional game and the finish was emotional. It was draining, it really was.

We've got to put it behind us and go on. It's not going to be easy, but we've got to do that.

Without getting into specifics, can you say what you saw after seeing the film of that controversial play?
I don't want to get into it. I don't want to get into it. What did you see?

I couldn't tell if he was on a Carolina defender when he went over or whether he was on the ground. It seemed like his knee was hitting something, either the ground or a Carolina defender. But it seems like you're pretty upset about it.
I've never been in a game where six points were taken off the scoreboard.

What's an informal channel you can take?
We'll talk to the commissioner of officials and see if he'll come over and review some film with us. They are normally awfully good about reviewing film or tape that we send them.

We'll go from there, but again it's yesterday's story. What are they going to say? We did right, we did wrong. What difference does it make? The game's over... we lost.

Talk about the job Leroy Harris did when he came in for Paulsen late in the game?
We've been working Leroy at center since back in the spring. He's very smart and we're going to miss him and the things he does at guard. He's a very strong and athletic youngster.

We're going to miss Jed at center, Leroy at guard, but thank goodness we have someone like Leroy to go in at center.

How severe was the ankle injury for Paulsen?
It doesn't look good, but we'll know more tomorrow. They are going to take more pictures tomorrow.

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