Monday PC: Graham, Davis Meet the Media

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Wolfpack free safety Troy Graham and quarterback Jay Davis met with the media today, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Free Safety Troy Graham
Is the game's with Maryland a growing rivalry?

We are suppose to play every game as if it was a rivalry. As a player, I haven't beaten Maryland. It will mean so much to me to go out there after a devastating loss and bounce back with a victory.

They've had success in the fourth quarter against you. To what do you attribute that?
They came out in the second half and adjusted well to our schemes. They played hard and we wasn't able to finish. That's something, as a team, that we have to come together and finish what we started.

Has it become a mental problem when facing Maryland?
For some teams I think it becomes a mental issue. I don't think it's a mental issue for us. It's a matter of executing and doing what you're told to do.

They've had success running the ball against you guys. Is it something differently that they do?
Not at all. They do the basic run plays that every other team does. Like I said before, it's about being disciplined and being able to stop them and hold them off. That will stop the run game.

Have teams figured out how to attack your defense?
Our defense hasn't executed like we're suppose to. We miss tackles, we miss assignments. We miss a lot of things. It's basically mental errors, and the offenses are taking advantage of those situations when they come.

You haven't been able to force many turnovers. Is that a concern?
That's a big issue that we have on defense, not being able to turn the ball over or get turnovers. That's also good playing on the offensive side of the ball.

Quarterback Jay Davis
Is the game out of your system yet?

It was certainly a tough one, but that's football. It's time to move on, focus on Maryland, and start preparing for them.

Tough loss, but this team has a bunch of fighters on it and we'll be ready to fight on Saturday again.

Coach Amato said you were really strong. Can you talk about your performance?
I did some good things, but I was certainly far from perfect. It's still a learning experience and hopefully I can continue to build on what I'm doing right now.

How do you feel after playing well although you guys lost?
I would have rather played the worst game of my life and won that game, but it's football. North Carolina did what they had to do to win the football game. We've got to move on, and we've got to start focusing on Maryland.

How important would it be to get off to a fast start?
That's what Coach Amato said to us right after the game on Saturday night. That's important to us and we've got to find a way to start the game strong. It's just a matter of preparing early so we don't have to get the keys down by the second half.

Talk about the results you've had with Maryland. Does that intensify the rivalry?
This is a huge game for us. They are kind of like our out-of-state rival, I guess you can say. Certainly to us anyways. They've beat us the last four years so I don't know how they feel necessarily. This is certainly a huge game for us.

The Yankees-Red Sox are starting and the Yankees always seem to beat the Red Sox. Maryland always seems to beat State. Do you like the Red Sox?
I am a Red Sox fan. Hopefully the curse will come off this year for the both of us.

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