Quotables: Ralph Friedgen

<B>COLLEGE PARK, MD --</b>Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen talks about Saturday's Homecoming game versus the Wolfpack.

On last week's game against Georgia Tech:
"We went through a tough game this past weekend, and after looking at the film I felt our offense played poorly. I felt we could've done a better job of coaching, but Georgia Tech played very well on defense and gave us a lot of problems and they are to be commended. I thought our defense, for the most part, played very well."

On the starting quarterback situation:
"I think both of them are going to be very good quarterbacks. I think they are in the developmental stage at the position. We will open it up more to competition, but when I feel a change is necessary, I'll make it - if I do feel it's necessary; I might not. With what Jordan [Steffy] did on Saturday, I don't think he beat Joel [Statham] out, but he definitely did a commendable job. If we have the opportunity, we'll probably play him more earlier in games, but that depends on how the game is going, as well. My staff and I will make that decision, and no one else. I think our decisions in the past have worked out pretty well. I have confidence in both kids."

On the competition between Joel Statham and Jordan Steffy:
"I think it needs to be a competitive situation. I think the fact that Jordan is getting better makes it closer to being a competitive situation. Does Jordan know what Joel knows? No, not yet. But he was able to go in there and make plays when we needed them, and that's a good sign. As he grows, it's going to be very competitive. I am hoping to come out of this with two good quarterbacks."

On if the team is where he thought it would be at this point in the season:
"This is not a surprise to me. I think if we can start improving from here I think we would be right where I want us to be. I didn't expect us to play as poorly as we did last week - that was a disappointment to me. Realistically, I thought we could be in this same situation."

On if this week could be the turning point in the season:
"I think this is a very big game for our program, and for this season, there's no doubt. Our backs are against the wall. I think I have fighters as players, and I'll be extremely disappointed if we don't play well this week."

On NC State:
"They have 10 of 11 starters on defense back. Offensively, they have a heck of a running back, a lot of speed at wide receiver - they're a pretty good football team. We are going to have to play our best to beat them. It's going to be a very tough football game."

On the Wolfpack defense:
"They have a lot speed on defense. What I see a lot of times is that guys can run, but with experience they're faster because they know what they are doing so much better. They have a new coordinator, so they've got a few new twists."

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