Thursday Practice News and Notes

<B>RALEIGH, N.C. --</b> Brief notes from Coach Amato on today's practice and an update on the status of T.A. McLendon are included in this report.

  • Maryland has one of the best running back tandems in the ACC, with Sammy Maldonado (381 yards 5 TDs) and Josh Allen (348 yards 3 TDs) giving the Terps a terrific ground game. Both are similiar in a lot of ways, but they also differ in their styles.

    "Yea, they have different last names too," Amato said. "Maldonado, I recruited him my last year down there. He's a tough, hard-nosed kid with a lot of power. He's kind of like T.A. [McLendon]."

    "Allen hurt us here last year a couple of times with big plays," he added. "They are both very good players."

    With the Terrapins struggling at the quarterback position, head coach Ralph Friedgen may choose to attack the Wolfpack on the ground. Both Maldonado and Allen can give NC State fits when they touch the ball, so look for the Wolfpack to try and stop the running game early.

  • With an aggressive defense, NC State should be forcing more turnovers... that's what aggressive defenses do. It boils down to making the plays when you have the chance.

    "We had an opportunity for two [turnovers] a week ago," Amato said. "Had we got those, we'd have only been negative one. Great players make great plays. If we make that it's a push on turnovers and all of that's a moot point."

    "When you play a lot of man coverage it's tough sometimes to get [interceptions], but I'll trade ten sacks for no interceptions," he added. "It's hidden yardage... it's hidden yardage."

  • NC State hopes to arrive at the team hotel tomorrow afternoon around 5:00 pm, at least that's the game plan they try to follow for previous road games.

    "We're trying to leave about the same time because the trips are all about forty minutes or sixty minutes away," Amato said. "We want to try and be at our hotel before 5:00, but we're at the mercy of the airlines."

    "With security, especially where we're going, it becomes a problem," he added. "Especially when we're coming back, but that's the way we do it."

    Kickoff is set for 3:30 pm Saturday afternoon and the game is televised on ABC.

  • When asked about the status of T.A. McLendon, who has a hamstring injury and AC shoulder seperation, Amato gave his usual response.

    "You'll find out on Friday."

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