Locker Room Report -- Wolfpack Players

<B>COLLEGE PARK, MD -- </b>Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the 13-3 win over Maryland, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Wide Receiver Tramain Hall
On how it feels to finally get a win over Maryland:

It feels really good. Everybody had it in their mind that we haven't beaten these guys for four years. So we knew that when we were coming in here…it was balls out, man. Leave everything out on the field.

On how last week's disappointment was used as motivation for this week:
Somebody had to pay. We shouldn't have lost, but we did. So, like coach said, we had to bounce back. We came up here to Maryland and we played hard. What made us really mad was that our offense got down there in the red zone like six times…we've got to learn how to put it in the endzone.

Defensive End Mario Williams
On the defense's thoughts when they came on the field after the fumbled punt:

We all believed. We just came out and played our ball, and things just happen. We knew that we were going to stop them. We had to stop them. Things like that happen in a game and in special teams. We came out there and we held them to three points.

On the defense's philosophy for this game:
Basically we were just intense and real physical. We tried to just hit them in the mouth and hold them up. We went out there and out physicalled them and out toughed them.

On the game still being in doubt going into the fourth quarter:
Four years straight we had them beat, but they would come out and put something together and beat us. We just had to keep the hammer down and keep a lot of pressure on them.

Wide Receiver Richard Washington
On how the offense is coming together:
We can do it all. We can pass. We can run. We practice real hard and it showed tonight. We beat a real good Maryland football team and we've just got to concentrate on Miami coming in next week. They're ranked number three, so it's going to be a tough task, but we'll be ready.

Defensive End Manny Lawson
On following Georgia Tech's game plan to defend Maryland's offense:
We watched that film, and just tried to do what they did. They stopped the run and forced them to make the plays in the passing game.

What he heard the Maryland QB saying to his teammates throughout the game?
I think he was getting rattled. He was saying "I need you to hold the line. Hold the defensive line up. They're getting back here too fast and I don't have time to make my reads." That made me feel good inside.

On coming back after last week's loss:
We're still here. We bounced back from a very upsetting loss to UNC and really got after Maryland. This makes the Miami game that much bigger. It could go down to the ACC champion just having one loss. So, we've just got to keep on doing what we're doing.

On the punt that he narrowly missed blocking:
I put that on myself. Their defender was blocking me, but he just barely touched me. It was just enough though, because I got all off course. I saw the ball go up and my eyes got wide…like a cartoon character's eyes get wide. Man, I thought I had it. I know that when I look at that film, I'm going to be upset with myself.

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