Locker Room Report -- Amato Meets the Media

<B>COLLEGE PARK, MD -- </b>Head Coach Chuck Amato met with the media following the 13-3 win over Maryland, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

How much did you look at the Georgia Tech film last week and decide to follow their play?
We did what we do. The whole game...we did what we do.

This was sort of a crossroads game for both teams. You got the win... Where do you go from here?
We go back to Raleigh and play the University of Miami. How about that? We go to Raleigh and we get a hurricane. With all the hurricanes that have gone through North Carolina...well, one more is coming. We've got to get healthy. We've got injuries in the one area that we can't afford to have them. The offensive line.

Talk about Jay Davis' play today. He seemed to do some good things on third down.
He did. He really did. He's getting more and more confidence. Early on, the wind was a little bit of a factor. We had a couple of guys open and the ball sailed on Jay. He just gets a little better every game.

Comment on the two big stops in the game. The fourth down play, and then holding Maryland to a field goal after the fumble on the punt.
It was not only a fourth and one, it was a third and one, and then a fourth and one. That put us in good field position and then we missed a field goal. The other one...we stopped them and he got off a punt that wasn't his best of the day. So, Dovonte had to run up to field it, and unfortunately, he dropped it. It put them in great field position. If they score there, everybody is scratching their heads saying "Here we go, again".

What were you thinking right then?
Here we go, again. Here we go, again.

Did you call that time out before the play that Jay got sacked?
Yes. Yes, and it was called with plenty of time to spare. It wasn't one of those that was called with 1.977 seconds left on the clock. We saw that it was going down, and that is one of the times that the head coach can call a time out from the sideline.

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