Monday PC: Hall, Thomas Meet the Media

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Wolfpack wide receiver Tramain Hall and linebacker Pat Thomas met with the media today, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Wide Receiver Tramain Hall
How special is this game being from where you are from?

It's real special. That's all you could think about after flying on the plane after beating Maryland. It's exciting. It's been awhile since we've went against those guys... since high school. It's exciting to go out there and get it on with them.

How many of those guys do you know?
I know half of the team. My quarterback, #18 Derrick Crudup is there, and it's exciting to see them. It's also a chance to play against the Miami Hurricanes.

Do they have a mystique that scares some teams, and will you guys be immune to it?
In some sense you have to. Most of our guys have played against them in high school and that's the way you see them. When we go out there, that whole Hurricane mystique, I don't think we'll look at it like that.

We are going to look at it as playing against the same guys in high school.

Not too many teams like to play an open field game with Miami. Will you?
Not too many, but I know we will. Hopefully the plan will be to get in the open field. I think our speed is just as good as their speed, and I think our players are just as good as their players. We just need to come out there and execute.

What is it about South Florida and how do they have so many good players?
I started playing at the age of five. I've been playing football for a while, so they start us real young. You continue from Pop Warner and on up. All you know is football.

Why did you want to come up here after being recruited by those schools?
I've been asked that question so many times. It was just a change in my life. I had been in Florida so long. My parents really wanted me to stay home, but they wanted me to also have a change. So we decided together to commit to NC State.

I've known Coach Holliday since I was eight years old, and I'd continue to go to West Virginia camps to see Coach Holliday. I was shocked to see Coach Holliday walk into my high school with that red shirt on.

After all of that and coming up here to visit... it was the place I wanted to be.

Does knowing all those players add pressure on the game?
It does. Just like we had pressure last week. We were 0-4 against them, so we had to go down there and beat on them. We're going to do what we go to do.

Does Miami recruit confident guys or does Miami bring that out of them?
When you go to Miami. When I stepped foot on the campus I felt the way they felt. I can't be beat. You just feel an attitude from the coaches.

That's how good you feel around there. They keep it going.

How is Richard Washington progressing?
Richard Washington is doing a great job. You've got to commend the kid because he's come a long way. He's had a lot of trials and tribulations in his life, but he's bounced back.

You thank the man upstairs for second chances, and he's showing that he's glad he got a second chance. He's showing it on the field right now.

A lot of teams feel like they have to key on me, but #6 is doing a great job. He's opened up things and now teams have to key on him. They don't know who's getting the ball.

Richard Washington has stepped up, and he's going to continue doing good things for us.

How has your offense progressed after losing Philip Rivers?
Our offense has grown a lot. Jay Davis, from somewhere and somehow, found some great confidence because he's delivering that ball. He's sitting in the pocket and doing what he's got to do to get us the ball and let us make plays.

What's your thoughts on Miami's Devin Hester?
He's so, so amazing. He really is. He's the type of guy you don't want to kick it to. I just feel like we've got to kick it away from that guy. He can make anything happen on the field . Last week, it was amazing what he did and you have total respect for a guy like that. But, I think our special teams are pretty good too, and if we did kick it to him I think we can tackle him.

Linebacker Pat Thomas
Last night Coach Amato said we've never seen anything like the speed on Miami's defense and Tramain just said they are just as fast. Which is it?

Well, our defense is almost entirely from Florida... all three of our linebackers are from Florida. I don't know... I think we can match up with anybody out there. We are that confident.

Do you have any friends at Miami?
I don't have any friends, but I know of them. I played against Frank Gore, and I played against Roscoe [Parrish]. Everybody knew of everybody when you're growing up in little league.

Does Miami have a mystique and do you think that will be a factor?
I think it's just having those guys from Florida. That's what makes you get pumped up to get those teams. Just knowing that, it's not hard to get pumped up for those games.

What does having College Gameday mean to you?
Is that when ESPN comes and stuff like that? I always see it happening, but I never thought it would happen at NC State. I'm always looking at the TV like, 'when are they going to come?'

It's exciting... especially with the fair going on. Raleigh's going to make a lot of money this weekend.

Were you recruited by Miami?
Yes, but they didn't offer me. I didn't really want to go there anyways. I was one of those that wanted to leave the state, grow up, and become a real man.

When you were in Miami, did you go to their games?
Oh yea. When Miami plays Florida State, I want Miami to win. When Miami played any other team, that's who I wanted to win. Even last week when they were playing Louisville, I was rooting for them.

They haven't put up the offensive numbers like they have in the past.
They haven't, but they are capable. It can be any game now, and you're waiting on them. They are capable of doing it. Those guys are fast. I just know what they are capable of doing. They have some skillful guys.

What is it about Coach Amato that got you Killian guys to go to NC State?
Just knowing that he came from Florida State, and he had good connections to our school. I think he recruited a couple of guys earlier, Malcolm Tatum and Derrick Gibson... he plays for the Oakland Raiders now.

It seems like you guys have elevated your defense. What's the biggest difference?
I want to say Reggie Herring. He's a great leader for us, and he does the job really well. He's a great speaker and motivator. He came from the NFL so he's worked with those guys... he's seen it. When you have a leader like that, great things can happen.

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