ESPN GameDay and NC State Fair Collide

NC State football has hit the big time. ESPN is bringing its college football pregame show and day-long coverage to Carter-Finley Stadium tomorrow, setting the stage for an entire day of nationally broadcast look-ins to the crowds gathering for what might be the biggest game of the day, NC State vs. Miami.

Though Carter-Finley can't match the crowd size of some of the venues that host powers in the Big 10 or SEC, game day at NC State is well known as one of the best tailgating atmospheres in college football. Tomorrow will be a chance for State fans to show themselves off to the nation. With ESPN's visit coinciding with the annual State fair occupying prime tailgating territory across from the stadium, ESPN will be able to broadcast a scene unlike any in college football.

As fumes of funnel cake and fried Oreos waft onto the "ESPN GameDay" video platform, hosts Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit will share a distinct NC State tradition. In fact, so excited were the producers about the opportunity to deliver live coverage with a backdrop of crazed football fans and overindulged State Fair enthusiasts, that they developed a script beforehand to help prepare their crew for the event. I just happened to get my hands on this script, and will now share its contents for the first time here at Pack Pride.

Now, Pack Pride cannot vouch for the authenticity of this script, but since I made it up, I assure you that it is completely real. The dialogue on the television will unfold exactly as follows:

Chris Fowler: Welcome to Raleigh, North Carolina, where we will be broadcasting at 7:45pm of one of the day's biggest games as the upset-minded NC State Wolfpack will take on the number 4-ranked Miami Hurricanes.


Lee Corso: Chris, we are gonna be in for a barn-burner, let me tell ya.

Kirk Herbstreit: And I'm going to go out on a limb right now, and predict that NC State shocks the world and upsets Miami tonight. Did you see the barn animals over at the petting zoo?

Crowd: YEEEEAAAAH! Herb! Herb! Herb! Herb!

Corso: Woah, Kirk, I don't see it happening, Miami is just too talented.

Fowler: But don't forget, NC State coach Chuck Amato has roots in the state of Florida, and has been able to successfully use those roots to mine the same Florida speed that makes Miami so dangerous.

Corso: No matter what kind of shovel you make with those roots, it cannot match the bulldozer wielded by Larry Coker right there inside the state of Florida.

Crowd: Carolina sucks!

Herbstreit: Look at that Ferris Wheel! No wonder they've been able to attract so many recruits!

Corso: See, Amato is sharp. He knows Flordia athletes love Ferris Wheels. I guarrantee you that's how he pried Bobby Washington away from the Hurricanes.

Herbstreit: They really do go all out here at NC State... Dude! is that corn on a stick??

Fowler: You have to be impressed with the array of culinary delights here at game day in Raleigh.

Corso: I'm still feeling the chopped pork the fans here gave me for breakfast. Trust me, in a minute you two will be feeling it too!

Fowler: It's time for a break. More from Raleigh when we come back!

Fan, to Corso: Excuse me sir, can I have your autograph?

Corso: Certainly! [signs piece of paper]

Fan: It says "Lee Corso?" Aren't you Mel Brooks?

Fowler: Greetings again from Raleigh, where this rabid crowd-


Fowler: ...where this rabid crowd has high hopes for their Wolfpack tonight.

Crowd: Nnnnnnnnn... Ccccccccccc... Staaaaaaaate....

Fowler: Guys, how does the Pack match-

Crowd: NC STATE!

Fowler: does the Pack match up againt the 'Canes?

Corso: Actually, Chris, the 'Canes don't have a prayer.

Fowler: Are you serious?

Corso: Absolutely. They're locked out, hockey season hasn't even started! Hah!

Herbstreit: Ha ha ha!

Fowler: Right. And what about the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the NHL lockout, how will those impact the ability of the nation's top-ranked defense of NC State to exert pressure on miami QB Brock Berlin?

Herbstreit: Ooh, a fried Oreo!

Corso (snatching Oreo): Not so fast my friend!

Herbstreit: [sighs]

Corso (holding up Oreo): I'll tell you this, Chris. We saw the pig race earlier, and pig #7 was being chased all over the track by the other pigs.

Fowler: So he finished first?

Corso (eating Oreo): Yes, but he was still being chased the entire time! Berlin will lead the Canes to victory, but he will be under great pressure all night.


Fowler: You might be interested to know that in ancient Rome, pig entrails were augurs for the future.

Herbstreit: I think you mean birds...

Crowd: You suck Corso!

Corso: Well, I'm full of chopped pig and I saw #7 pig win the race, so I'm confident in my prediction.

Herbstreit: We'll see tonight, I feel an upset.

Crowd: Herb! Herb! Herb!

Herbstreit: Let's go get some sweet potato casserole.

Corso: I think someone already ate it all.

Fowler: It's pandemonium here in Raleigh, a true spectacle of southern football culture. We'll keep you updated all day until kickoff at 7:45. For Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, I'm Chris Fowler.

Stuart Scott: Thanks Chris. What a scene in Raleigh! An' you guys have gots to get your casserole on! Boo yaa!

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