Monday PC: Reid, Colmer Meet the Media

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>Wolfpack defensive back Lamont Reid and left tackle Chris Colmer met with the media today, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Defensive Back Lamont Reid
Lamont have you watched the film from the other night and were you surprised with what those guys were able to do?

Not yet.

I was surprised somewhat, but you knew going into the game that they were a passing team. You're going to give up some yards, but you didn't expect for them to throw for that much.

Miami used a lot of max protection. When you play press coverage, is it tougher to guard receivers when the offense has max protection?
Anytime you have maximum protection and a quarterback who can read you don't have any other choice. We were still needing to go out and execute in coverage.

Does max protection make it more difficult to defend the field if there are only two receivers running around?
You can't cover all day... I don't care how good a corner you are. Anytime you have max protection and a quarterback who can sit back and read there's going to be balls thrown and caught.

Do you guys still think you are a good defense?
We just go out and execute.

It's hard to say what type of defense we can be, but the only thing we can do is go out and show you. Talking about it is not going to prove anything.

Do you guys play just man defense or do you run some zone?
We play both.

How would you describe Coach Herring and how did he handle the loss?
He's been fun, very intense, and emotional. He knows the game of football and what it takes to win.

We haven't spoke yet this week.

You've bounced back from the past two losses with wins. Why have you been able to do that?
You don't like losing. When you know you should do better the first time, you try to do better the second time.

Is Airese Currie one of the fastest guys in the league and what type of a wide receiver is he?
Of course. He's got speed and he's one of the guys we talked about earlier in the preseason.

He's a great receiver. I haven't watched film on him, I've just seen some Clemson games. I haven't really studied him.

Do you remember the last trip to Clemson?
Yes, I almost took the opening kickoff back.

What else do you remember?
We won.

Did you miss not returning kicks now that you are back doing them?
Of course. That's one of the things you like doing because you can change the game around. At the beginning of the game, the second half of the game... whenever you can get that opportunity.

Left Tackle Chris Colmer
Can you talk about how some of the guys who haven't played much on the offensive line are stepping up?

It shows that the recruiting is better, and we have guys that just want to play.

How do you think Luke Lathan performed after an injury took Leroy Harris out the game?
I think he did a good job. I haven't watched the film yet so I don't know if he missed any plays, but I thought he did a good job. He didn't get a penalty so that's good, but I was blocking my guy so I really don't how how well he did.

How's your health right now?

How much does it affect the line to lose a guy like Jed Paulsen?
It affects big time because he's a leader and a great player.

Did you feel going in that you would be able to move the ball on Miami?
Yes we were confident. We were very confident. We got some yards, but it doesn't matter because we didn't get enough points.

Do you re-evaluate your goals now with three losses since some of the goals you had coming into the season are almost unattainable?
When we go out and play we need to win every game. We had some losses that we didn't think we'd have at this point of the season, but who knows how things will unfold? We just need to go out and play and let things unfold.

Do you start thinking about bowl games?
Sure it would be nice, but we've got four more games left. Clemson is now our focus.

Was it frustrating the other night when T.A. was going in and fumbled through the endzone? Are turnovers like that frustrating?
It's a little frustrating, but then again how many yards did he run for? Without him, maybe it's not even that close.

He's making the second, third, and fourth guy miss... just dragging guys. He has two, three, four, five efforts on every run. He was just running hard.

Can you sense Jay growing into the quarterback role? Is it something you notice in the huddle?
I think so. He's been a little more vocal and you can just tell. He kind of walks with it a little more... like he's the guy.

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