Monday PC: Amato Meets the Media

<B>Raleigh, NC -- </b>NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Charlie Whitehurst seems to be playing better. Does he look like a quarterback that's pressed, and I guess you expect to see him at his best?
There's no question. We get everybody's best.

We all know that he will probably own every throwing record in Clemson history before he gets out of that school.

With turnovers, how do you look at them and do you discipline guys?
I hate them. The biggest reason I hate them is because when we have them you ask questions. I have to find a way to answer them.

No, turnovers kill you. And if you start playing the 'what if' game it drives you crazy.

You tell me what you tell a young man that's scrambling and gets the ball knocked out of his hands? What do you tell a man who's second and third effort got him to this point and he's spinning and he gets the ball knocked through the endzone? The other team punted two balls that went out right in front of the endzone line. His went through the endzone. What do you tell a kid that's returning a kickoff and fighting for extra yards, and he has his first turnover in his college career?

We've got to continue to work on it and we've got better and better since the Ohio State game.

You mentioned working on turnovers. Sounds like those weren't turnovers of carelessness.
Do we tell T.A. to run through the line and fall down? Do we tell Jay to just go ahead and get sacked... let him tackle you? Do we tell Jay, don't throw that fade in the perfect spot? They get magnified so much.

Ricky Fowler didn't play Saturday. Was that physical?
Yes. We felt with the way that James [Newby] was playing we didn't have to put Ricky in there.

So he's available to play?

With some goals that were set earlier in the season unattainable now, do you start putting other goals out there for your team?
Sure we do. You have to have goals in life.

But, the season is not a disaster because you guys picked us seventh in the league anyway. Anything that we finish above seventh, if we can, we've had a successful year. At least that's the way you'd write it... I hope.

What are some of the goals?
Win the Clemson game. Win the Clemson game, and then we'll go from there.

Do you have a better idea of when Paulsen's going to be back in?
I really wish I can. Every week we get an update on Jed Paulsen, and I don't know if he'll be back until maybe very, very late in the year. That's why we are doing it every week.

I don't think that Morris and/or Harris will play this week. I really don't.

You said you'll find out more about Leroy today.
Yes, I just said I don't think he'll play this week.

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