Gallery: Hodge Travels Through New York

Pack Pride spent some time with NC State guard Julius Hodge in New York City this summer prior to his return to NC State. Here are exclusive photos of Hodge taken at different places around the city. Also included are pulled quotes from Julius in '24 Questions With No. 24,' the cover story for the November issue of <i>Pack Pride</i>.

"Just being from New York and working there, it was real tough. I worked in a building right next to them [the twin towers], and I would walk through the towers every morning. My heart goes out to all the people, and my condolences to the people that were lost and their family members. I think it definitely made us stronger as a nation."

"I definitely want to win the championship. I think it's about time I did that and brought that to the program. And I just want to continue to play well. I really can't say I have numbers out there, numbers of goals that I want to achieve. I just want to continue to play well and definitely win a championship."

"‘When you're hungry, you eat.' By far, that's the one right there. If you want something, it's got to be like a burning desire inside of you like hunger. You got to go get it! You got to eat!"

"Basically, my goal is I just want to win. I might be playing a game of spades with my two little cousins— I want to win. I always want to win. To me, stardom is a higher form of winning. Being known for winning."

"I use that with my leadership to the guys. If I tell them something, even though I smile and can joke at times, when I say something, I want it done because I'm strict. They know I'm just trying to do what's best for the team, so they listen. That's why we're going to have great team chemistry this year."

"I know when I reach some of my goals of not just going to the NBA—because a lot of guys say they dream of just playing in the NBA, but I want to one of the best, if not the best—I know if I attain my goals, that will help them have better lives."

"I love acting, especially comedy. I love to make people smile and laugh, and that's the kind of guy I am off the court."

"The biggest factor was my family and friends. My mom encouraged me to stay in school and get my degree. Also, my older brother…I'm sure if he told me, ‘Julius, you will be a top-20, top-15 and if you have a great workout, you could be an early lottery,' I would've left. But he only told me, ‘Come back to school, step up and win a championship. Get that much better.'"

"[I miss] my mom. My mom and pretty much just hanging around the neighborhood with a couple of my old buddies. My family means everything to me. I take the advice of my big brother and I'll go with it, and I will always listen to my mom. Not being around them everyday like I used to be has been tough, but it's made me a better man and a stronger person."

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