Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

<B>CLEMSON, SC-- </B>NC State players met the media following the Clemson game and here's a sampler of what they had to say.

Running Back Reggie Davis
On the first touchdown was that a designed pass play to you?
Well, the pass could have went to me. I had to check out and it just so happen that I saw Jay coming that way. I told him to throw it to me and he did.

On third down near the goal line on the final drive, did they talk about running a draw or a running play to pick up some yards before fourth down?
I don't think they mentioned it, but I thought it would be a pretty good play. I just play and the coaches call the best plays possible. I just run them.

What was the plan on the final play?
I really don't know. I think we were trying to isolate T.J. [Williams] with one guy, but they just played a little harder.

Is it frustrating to continue outplaying opposing teams and lose because of turnovers and penalties?
It's real frustrating, but that's just statistics. We've got to keep playing hard and things will go our way.

Running Back Darrell Blackman
90 yards on 11 carries. What was working today?
We just lined up and played football. The coaches told me when T.A. went down to come in and play like a first-stringer. That's what I tried to do. I wanted to replace him and help the team out.

You had a big run early on one of your first carries. Was that big for you personally?
Yes, that was a big confidence booster. I went out there and got myself in the game. Breaking that long run settled me into it and from there I just ran hard with the ball.

NC State has ten turnovers in their last two games. Is that something you can start to overcome?
There's a bunch of mental errors and some of the players may not be on the right page. We've just got to stop the turnovers and make plays. We have to cut down on them and it starts with practice next week.

Cornerback Marcus Hudson
You worked at cornerback today. Was that something just for this game or for the rest of the season?
It's something I'm going to be doing for the rest of the year. We made that move because our corners are banged up.

How do you feel about it?
I'm comfortable with it.

Airese Currie seemed able to get open today. What was he doing that other receivers haven't done against your defense?
He was out there making plays. We had him covered, but we just didn't make the plays when the ball was in the air. We have the same opportunity to make the play that he does. We just didn't do it.

Are the penalties and turnovers frustrating and what can you do to get over that?
Like you said, it does get frustrating, but we've got to go back to day one. We've got to practice on holding the ball, making better decisions with the ball, and tackling... all of those things. It's been killing us this whole season, and that's even in the games we do win.

Wide Receiver John Dunlap

I went out there and did whatever I could. When Richard Washington went down I had to step up.

Can you talk about the two plays in the first half where you scored touchdowns and they didn't count?
It happens in football. All I've got to do is re-focus and hopefully do it again. Penalties happen and with that adversity we need to come over it.

Can you talk about the diving catch?
All I can think about is the quarterback made a nice throw. I made a good catch too, but without the pass I wouldn't have caught it.

Quarterback Jay Davis
Any throw in particular that you'd really like to have back?

Probably the one interception that I tried to throw to Sterling. I think it was in the third quarter. There were a bunch more, and probably when I watch the film I'll kick myself in the head. It's a part of the learning process, and I've got to get better.

You've got first down at the 11, take us through what happened.
When you get down in that redzone it's tough… especially when they are bringing pressure. We were trying to get them in one-on-one coverage but we saw some fire zone blitz.

Thoughts on the last play.
It was the last play of the game, and we were looking for our big tight end. We tried to make something happen, and we didn't. On fourth down you don't want to take a sack… it's kind of stupid. So you've got to throw it and maybe you'll get it… maybe not.

Can you talk about the injuries?
It's tough but I thought the guys we had in there stepped up today. Darrell played really well. Luke Lathan, basically our third-string center, and I thought he did a great job. We have a bunch of guys stepping up right now.

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