Locker Room Report: Amato

<B>CLEMSON, SC --</b> Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met the media following the Clemson loss and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Have you ever had a six turnover game?
No. I sure haven't. We had five turnovers with nine seconds to go in the game and a chance to possibly win it. No, I've never had anything like that.

We've taken every approach possible. One week it's fumbles, and one week it's interceptions. We've taken every approach possible. We've got to find a way to create things where we don't do that.

On the two touchdown plays, were they both not having men on the line of scrimmage?
That's what they told us.

Was one of them the new rule they are trying to enforce this year, with the tackle cheating out?
One of those was. The first one was. It's something that we do need to call consistently, but hey, they called it and it was a penalty.

I'll take the blame for that. I'm not going to blame our kids. I will not blame our youngsters for losing a football game. That's my fault. We've got to find a way to help those youngsters win a football game like that.

It's the little things that win and lose football games. You saw that we did everything wrong to lose a football game today.

I don't want to take credit away from Clemson for playing their fanny off and fighting and playing a game that they won.

Don't blame those kids. You blame me. You blame Chuck Amato.

Can we blame how you played most of the game with five offensive starters out?
Don't blame that for nothing. With nine seconds to go in the game we had a chance to win it. With all of that.

Those kids fought their brains out inside. Luke Lathan didn't have a bad snap. [Jon] Holt played a real good game.

T.A. goes out, but you all know who went out. That's all part of football. We can't put a yellow shirt on him and say, "don't hit me. Just tag me and stop right there." The game is a very physical game and we've got to play physical on both sides of the ball.

Can you talk about what you were trying to do on the final play?
We just felt that we had to get a receiver in the endzone. We couldn't catch a pass and get tackled on the two-yard line or the one-yard line. We had to get our people in the endzone, and that's what we were trying to accomplish.

We had a couple of shots there. Not on that play, but there were a couple of times that we could have made a play. We didn't.

Thoughts on final plays in the first half:
What we wanted to do was take a shot and we thought we had it, or throw it away and kick a field goal. Maybe I got to greedy.

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