Sunday Teleconference: Amato Quotables

<B>RALEIGH, N.C. -- </b>Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato held his weekly teleconference this afternoon and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Can you talk about the job the offensive line did?
I thought Luke [Lathan], to play a game like he did to have no center exchange problems, that was the #1 thing. He played pretty good knowing that the opposition knew he was starting for the first time as a red-shirt freshman.

[Jon] Holt played a lot in the Virginia Tech game, and he did a good job.

They didn't just completely fall over and die... the same thing with [James] Newby. Those things are important, especially with all the zone blitzes that Clemson threw at us.

How did T.A. get hurt and can you discuss the injury situation?
T.A. got hurt on the play on the goalline. The first time you look at it you say, 'how did he get hurt?' Then when you look at it in slow motion it looks like the facemask of the linebacker hit him right underneath the shoulder pad. It really aggravated it quite a bit.

With Richard [Washington] we have to wait and see right now. We've got to get a MRI read. LeRue Rumph's got an awful bad headache. Other than that, nothing real serious if I'm not mistaken.

Coming off a game like that, what's your biggest concern? Is it the injuries, the pysche of the team? What's your biggest concern going into Georgia Tech?
All of the above. Georgia Tech's coming off a game very similar to us. We're both in the same boat. They don't have the number of people banged up offensively. We're really at a critical stage with injuries offensively. It's a very critical thing.

On the psyche part of it, when they come running out of the tunnel and the band's playing, those fans will get them cranked up. They'll be ready to play.

We just can't afford to get anyone else injured.

On offense, who may be able to play this week of the guys that are hurt? Will a Leroy Harris, or a Derek Morris be able to play?
No. No. I hope T.A.'s able to come back. It's really going to be a wait-and-see for most of these guys.

With Jay's interceptions, were they not good reads? What in general was happening?
Well, on the one right before the half the wide receiver stopped, or else it would have a ball that would have been fought for and hopefully not intercepted.

The one at the end of the game he probably left the pocket a little too quick and probably didn't do the right thing on that one.

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