Where Does Pack Stand With Dervil?

CB Guesly Dervil was a Pack lean earlier in the year. Is that still the case and which schools are on his shortlist? We've got the latest.

Guesly Dervil Profile

CB Guesly Dervil (5-11, 175 pounds, 4.4-seconds in the 40) of Ed White High School in Jacksonville, Fla now favors Florida, Miami, NC State and West Virginia.

Dervil, brother of NC State LB Guerlin Dervil, is one of Florida's top cover corners and has attracted a mountain of recruiting attention. Pack Pride caught up with Dervil recently to see how his senior season has progressed and to get the latest on his recruiting.

How has your senior season gone and what kind of stats have you put up this year?

"Right now, we're 5-4 but we're not going to make the playoffs. We're pretty good on defense but our offense has hurt us. They've got me playing punt returner, wide receiver, kick returner and DB. I've scored in every game so far and on defense, I've got three picks."

Who are your top schools right now?

"Florida (offer), Miami, NC State (offer) and West Virginia (offer)"

Do you have a favorite out of that group?

"Well, I can't say that anyone's leading right now."

We're in the heart of recruiting season now so have you been able to set up any official visits yet?

"I haven't set up any visits yet. I'm waiting for the season to end and then I'll set those up.

Do you have a sense for which school is recruiting you the hardest right now or seems to want you the most?

"West Virginia. They call every time they can call. But I do miss a lot of calls because I'm out or asleep or whatever."

You've had a chance to see State on defense several times. Where do you think you'd fit in on a defense like that?

"Our base coverage is cover three but we do a little man coverage once in a while. State's base defense is man but it's ok, I mean, I can play it."

Can you talk about each of your favorites and what you like about each one?

NC State- I talked to the players on the team and they're cool people. I could adapt to that environment and plus, it's a place that I could come in and play early. With my brother there, that makes it even better.

West Virginia- Them boys, they've got a lot of players in the NFL and I've been checking them out because those boys will be hitting.

Miami- We used to live in Miami and that's where I learned how to play football. I love playing in the heat. Those guys compete and that's all we did when I was down there was compete.

Florida- I've been to one of their games and I like them. Some of my friends are on their team. Two of my teammates are there and then two guys I played against are there. Plus they've got a lot of players from my county on their team.

What's going to be the main factor you consider when it comes time to settle on a future school?

"The biggest thing for me is to play somewhere as soon as I get there. I want to play as a freshman. Where ever I have the best opportunity, I mean, because I'm a fast learner and I can pick up the system quick. So whoever has a spot for me or a couple of guys that I can go in and compete with- I'll be going there."

How is your brother doing and what advice has he given as far as recruiting goes?

"He's been doing good and he's holding up strong. You're going to see him on the field some. I saw what it was like when he was going through it (the recruiting process) and he's just telling me to go where ever I feel comfortable."

Has he made a push to get you up in Raleigh on defense with him?

"He's out there and he sees how (good) those boys are. We talk. That's all I can say. But we talk."

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