Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

<B>RALEIGH, NC-- </B>NC State players met the media following the Georgia Tech game and here's a sampler of what they had to say.

Cornerback Dovonte Edwards
Discipline keeps on haunting us. Coach has told us all week that we need to win the turnover margin. On defense, we had to step up and make plays so we could win the turnover margin.

We fell short again today.

How did you think they played/adjusted in the second half?
I think in the second half we came out with a similar focus as the first half. That Calvin Johnson made some big plays, and he's a heckuva receiver. He made some tough catches in great coverages.

Talk about the catch he made on the fade:
He adjusted well to the ball in the air. He's got a big frame that can shed the defender off and make the tough catch. That's what he did today.

Were you surprised at the holding call they made on Manny on your second interception?
I was surprised because he was right in front of me. I could see what he was doing. He was definitely blocking him, but the refs called it. So there must have been something there.

Quarterback Jay Davis
Is it good to get back out there and play right away?
Absolutely. It's going to be a big game for us, and we're in a must win situation now. We've got to get ready.

Georgia Tech was able to limit T.A. How much does that change what you're able to do?
It doesn't change anything. We were still running our play action stuff, and the gameplan was to go in there, run the football, and let our defense take over. We had some key turnovers there that gave them the ball in good field position and led to some scores.

Our defense played great all game, and we just let it slip.

Thoughts on intentional grounding play late in the fourth quarter:
I was trying to find somebody. I saw T.A. and I tried to throw it at his feet, but as I was going down I couldn't get enough on it.

Did they make adjustments after the first quarter?
You can never say they are not making adjustments. They did a good job, and our coaches did a good job of making adjustments. We were just not executing.

Wide Receiver Lamart Barrett
Did Tech make any adjustments that you noticed?
I think the biggest thing was they started to stop the run. That's the biggest adjustment that I saw they might have made.

Did they take away some of the passing plays you like to use?
I think them stopping the run did take away some plays. With them stopping it we couldn't get the play action working, and it's not going to work. Because we couldn't get the running game going it hurt us offensively.

How was their defense?
I guess they have a pretty good defense because they stopped us. We couldn't move the ball... especially in the second half.

Kicker John Deraney
Thoughts on the weather:
It wasn't really gusty. It wasn't like the Maryland game. It wasn't that bad.

I really wanted to beat them, but there's nothing about it now. Except come back next week, and for me make all of my kicks.

On the positive side I'm still perfect on extra points, but with handling all three it's tough. There's only 10 of us in the nation handling all three. Austin [Herbert] did it for three games his sophomore year, and you can ask him how tough it was. I don't know if I'm going to do all three next year, but I've got to have more preperation in the offseason for stuff like this.

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