Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

<B>RALEIGH, NC-- </B>NC State players met the media following the Florida State game and here's a sampler of what they had to say.

Defensive End Mario Williams
It is very frustrating, but we just can't give up. We're never going to give up. The defense is going to keep pounding and playing hard.

Looks like you guys were having your way with their offensive line.
We knew we had to step up. The whole defense knew, but especially the defensive line. We knew if we were going to win the game it would be done right there.

Anyway you could have overcome the field position problems in the second half?
We could have helped out by stopping them on three and outs. It would have helped our team when they punted the ball.

Quarterback Jay Davis
Thoughts on QB rotation:
Marcus was able to give us a little bit extra in the running game. I think it helped us.

What was the problem in the second half?
We turned the ball over twice, and that's something we can't do. We didn't find a rhythm and it makes it hard for an offense when you're not in a rhythm and you're not making first downs. It's frustrating.

Thoughts on field position:
We knew that was going to be a key going into this game. Whoever had the field position was going to win the ball game. It was a split and Florida State just got more points out of their field position.

McCargo and Brooks got touches at running back. Why was that?
They are big guys, and they are hard to take down. The coaches made the decision to let them run the football. It kind of sparks everyone when we let big guys run the football like that.

Running Back Darrell Blackman
We came out with intensity in the second half, but they were probably a little more fired up than we were. We came out lazy and kind of beat ourselves. Turnovers and penalties have been killing us. It's been like a flu going around our team. We just have got to go back and work on the little things.

Thoughts on the punt return:
Right before it some of the teammates were telling me to have faith in the wall and run towards the bench. I took their advice and took the ball towards our bench. After I made the first guy miss, all I saw was green, and I just went for it.

Did you think that could have been the spark you were looking for?
That kind of sparked us right there with the kick return. Coach always says we need big plays in the kicking game tonight, and we did that. We just shot ourselves in the foot in the second half.

Quarterback Marcus Stone
Thoughts on FSU's defensive line:
They were definitely tough. There were times when we had time to throw and then times when we were flushed out the pocket.

Thoughts on the season:
It's frustrating and disappointing because we have such a great team with phenominal athletes. Our seniors deserved much better.

We talked about sending them out with a big victory, and it kills us that we couldn't get a win for them.

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