Locker Room Report: Sendek, Towe Meet the Media

<b>RALEIGH, N.C. --</B> NC State head coach Herb Sendek and New Orleans head coach Monte Towe met the media following tonight's game and here's a sampler of what they had to say.

Herb Sendek
Opening Statement:
There's one thing that really stands out for me about our basketball team. That's the way the guys are really playing so unselfishly. I'm really proud of how they are looking for each other and trying to be a team this early in the season.

I can't remember many selfish plays tonight. Guys were really looking for each other. I think that, maybe more than anything, was a positive for us.

Thoughts on Jordan Collins:
He did a really nice job. Jordan has two things really going for him right now. He's got experience, and he's also got a terrific basketball IQ. Even as a younger player he was someone who could think the game. Now when you couple that with the experience, it makes him a guy who can do a nice job for us.

How important was it to jump out to a big lead early?
I think we hit seven of our first ten 3's. Anytime you can get off to that kind of start it's to your advantage. I think that helped our basketball team tonight.

I would have liked to have avoided that one bad stretch we had tonight, but you've got to give coach Towe and his team a ton of credit. They kept battling, and you knew they would with him on the sidelines.

We did some good things tonight, but we're far from perfect. I think the film will provide plenty of food for humility. But, we're really trying to play together, and I do like that.

For this early in the season it's encouraging, and hopefully we'll continue to do it.

You guys took a lot of three pointers tonight.
We're confident in our shooters. We faced a fair amount of zone tonight, and I felt the three's that we took were good shots. I like good three's, and I dislike bad three's. For the most part those we took were good and within the framework of our offense.

You had 24 asssists on the night. What are your thoughts on that?
I told the team after the game that I'm really proud of them because they did it the right way tonight. They came out and shared the basketball. It's hard sometimes because we all kind of like ourselves. From Julius right through the ranks, we had guys doing that.

Monte Towe
Opening Statement:
This has been a highlight for me, bringing a team into Raleigh and trying to win. It was a little too much for our team tonight, and I apologized to them at halftime for scheduling this game. When I scheduled this game I had a different team of mine in mind. We had a couple of academic casualties in the summer with a couple of veterans who should have been here tonight, and we had a couple of injuries down there in New Orleans.

But, this team is going to be okay, and I have to give North Carolina State all the credit in the world. I've always thought Herb Sendek's done a great job here and will continue to do a great job if everyone rallies around him and supports them... that's the most important part of our business. His kids play hard, he's got a great staff, and this might be the best team he's had during his tenure here. Julius Hodge is one of the top players in the country, but he's got a lot of help out there. The way they shot the ball in the first half, I don't know if we'll see anyone else this year shoot the ball like that.

I have to give Bo McCalebb credit for hanging in there and playing tough. He didn't have much help tonight, and I thought he showed that he can play with anybody in the country. He's just a special player.

I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow, and I can't tell you how much of a priviledge it is to bring a team in here. It's a honor to bring a team in here and try to compete.

I hope we play better tomorrow, and I saw some encouraging things in the second half.

What is it you liked about NC State?
Their shooting, their size, and they move the ball very well. They are very unselfish. Basically everything they did. They are a wonderful team.

I don't know where they are in the polls right now, but they are one of the top teams in the country. They deserve it.

They've got a lot of players. Even though Hodge is the feature guy, they've got a lot of guys out there who can shoot. 35 of 61 [from the field]... that's not very good defense but give them credit for making shots too.

Thoughts On NC State: This is a great, great school. There's not another school in the country better than this school. I love this school. It's the only fight song I know.

There were a lot of emotions, but I knew our kids were in for a tough game.

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