NJ ATH has interest in the Pack

Dajuane Collins boasts 50 scholarship offers. Where does State stand? We've got the latest on who he's considering.

RB/S Dajuane Collins (5-11, 190 pounds, 4.6-seconds in the 40) of Deptford Township High School in Westville, NJ has put together a monster season and has his team just one win away from a state championship. Along the way, Collins has amassed better than 1,400 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns and reportedly earned a slew of scholarship offers. The talented senior projects as a RB or S on the next level and Pack Pride caught up him for the latest.

It seems that some teams like you as a running back while others as a safety. Do you have a preference of position once you get to college?

"The position doesn't really matter to me. It's more of how I can help the team and get on the field the fastest."

If you could compare yourself to one player, who would it be?

"If I could compare myself to another player it would be Gale Sayers. I've got the power to run you over and I've also got the ability to cut when I have to."

How many offers are you up to now?

When I was talking to my coach earlier he told me I had around 50 offers.

As far as recruiting goes, which schools are you looking at right now?

"Right now I'm in the process of narrowing it down. I've been looking different stuff up on the internet on each team. But I like Boston College, Minnesota, Wisconsin, NC State, UNC and maybe a couple others."

It seems as though you just recently started mentioning NC State. How long have they been recruiting you?

"State started recruiting me last year after the football season. They told me they were recruiting me as an athlete so I could come in there and try both positions and see which one was best for the team."

What is it that you like about NC State?

After talking to the coach for a while you start to get a connection with him. Plus, they play pretty good ball there and they come strong every week and play hard.

Will playing close to home be a big factor in your decision?

"Distance not a factor."

What will be the factors when it comes time to make a college decision?

"I'm looking at a lot of different things. I'm looking at how high they're ranked in the major I want to study. I'm also looking at how I can help the team and how soon I can get on the field. I'm also looking at how good the team is because it would be easier to sit out a year for a team that's winning because a losing team- you'll always wonder about having to sit on the bench."

What do you plan to major in?

"Probably something in education."

Which schools do you plan to visit after your season?

"I will most likely visit Boston College, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Purdue. I might take a trip to State."

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