"The Scoop"

This edition of "The Scoop" focuses on NC State basketball and football recruiting. Join us on our premium message board as we discuss the latest hot topics surrounding Wolfpack recruiting!

The Pack Pride crew has been hard at work digging up tidbits and morsels of information for our latest edition of "The Scoop." Here's a sampling of what you'll find in this issue.

- We have the latest news NC State's 2006 basketball recruiting targets. Who's at the top of the list?

- The Wolfpack landed a commitment from Aaron Holmes this past weekend. What type of player is Holmes and will he be able to contribute right away?

- One Wolfpack assistant visited a couple of outstanding point guards this past week. Who were they? We've got the latest.

- What's the story with offensive lineman John Gill, an athletic guard who hails from California? Well, it looks like he's a terrific prospect. We have more on Gill and his interest in the Wolfpack.

- RB Richie Rich- is he off or on the Wolfpack recruiting board?

- Has Andre Brown received a qualifying SAT score?

- Everyone's asking about it and no one really knows. Will Noel Mazzone return as offensive coordinator? We'll give you the latest on what we've been hearing.

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