Locker Room Audio: Head Coaches

<img src=> Listen to the head coaches talk about the NC State-Campbell game in this audio report.

NC State Head Coach Herb Sendek (4:51)

"I just really continue to be impressed with our team's willingness to share the ball, to make the extra pass, and play together. On some occasions where it would have been very tempting and easy to not do that, our guys have gone the extra mile and continue to play together as a team."

Campbell Head Coach Robbie Laing (3:46)

"They didn't allow us into our offense early. They are a very sound team. The most impressive thing about them is they play as a unit on both ends of the court. They get so much publicity for the intracacies of their offense, but their defense is downright impressive. It's swarmping... it's overwhelming.

I know we didn't bring the caliber of team that the rest of the league's going to bring in here, but I've been in those leagues. I've been in the AC and I've been in the Big 12. I do have some mode of comparison, and they just totally overwhelmed us. They did not allow us to operate in any area that would give us a chance to be productive tonight."

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