'The Trip Was Nice'

Dorian Munroe, a defensive back out of Miami, Florida is on the way back from his second official visit. He has already visited Georgia and is coming off a trip to N.C. State. How did the Wolfpack fair this weekend when hosting Mr. Munroe?

"It was pretty good," said Dorian Munroe.

What stood out about his trip to Raleigh?

"I got to hang out with a lot of players and that lobster dinner was nice too. It was my first time eating lobster, and I really enjoyed it. Also, the tour of the facilities and stadium was nice as well. The trip was nice."

Who hosted Munroe?

"Miguel Scott was my host, and I hung out with a lot of guys from my area like, John Dunlap, Bobby Washington, Octavious Darby and Jimmie Sutton."

How would this South Beach defensive back rate his trip?

"About a nine, It was nice."

Georgia and Miami have been the two teams on top for Mr. Munroe, did the trip to N.C. State change that?

"I would put Georgia and N.C. State as my top two and then Miami. I like Miami a lot, but they haven't offered yet."

The coaches from N.C. State were in last week for an in-home visit, but this week three teams will be in the Munroe house. Who is he expecting?

"I will see Georgia, Rutgers and N.C. State this week. I'm not sure on the dates, but I know they are coming."

With trips to Georgia and N.C. State behind him, Munroe plans to visit Rutgers next week and then Florida State on the seventh of January. He still has interest in Miami, but is getting tired of waiting on them to offer and said that he may visit Florida instead.

Dorian Munroe is talking to all teams about playing both ways. Not only at defensive back, but they like him at wideout too.

Video 1 - #6 Dorian Munroe (S/RB)

Video 2 - #6 Dorian Munroe (S/RB)

Video 3 - #6 Dorian Munroe (S/RB)

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