Peterson Looking Around?

NC State commitment Greg Peterson has finished up his Hinds career, but it seems he has some work to do academically and is also backing off his Wolfpack verbal.

This year, Greg was named 1st Team All-Region, 1st Team All-Mississippi, and was selected to the Mississippi Juco All-Star game but declined the invitation.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Greg Peterson on November 29th:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 5", 260 and I ran a 4.5 forty the last time I was timed."

What is your current bench press, squat, and vertical? "I have not been measured with my vertical since probably high school. I lift 300 (bench) and my max with the squat is 550."

What are your strengths at defensive end? "My (body) strength, I guess. I just love to have fun. It is fun to push people around."

What are you working on for the next level? "My techniques. Basically my techniques and getting off the ball quicker."

Where did you prep at in high school? "East Duplin (2A) in Beulaville."

Did you garner any awards at East Duplin? "I was named Male Athlete of the Year my senior year. I also made All-State, All-District, and I was 1st team with all of those."

Did you sign with anyone out of high school? "No sir."

How did you end up at Hinds CC? "I was placed by North Carolina State."

What were your stats as a freshman at Hinds CC? "I think I had like 4 sacks and 40 something tackles."

Did you garner any awards? "I was named Preseason All-American (NJCAA)."

What were your stats as a sophomore at Hinds CC? "I had 7 sacks and 53 tackles and 1 defensive touchdown."

Any awards? "I was named 1st Team All-State and Region. I was also selected to the All-star game, but I do not think I am going to play."

Have you set up your official visits yet? "Not yet. A few coaches have called me, but I have not set up any visits."

Which schools are calling you? "North Carolina State, Jackson State, Missouri, and Western Georgia."

Any offers? "Ole Miss and North Carolina State."

Which schools will you most likely take an official visit with? "I will probably go to Ole Miss, North Carolina State, and Western Georgia."

Have you been to any college games this fall? "I went to Ole Miss. I went to a few of their games."

What did you think of Ole Miss during your visits? "It is pretty nice. They have a pretty good defensive group. I did not pay too much attention to their offense, but their "D" looked straight."

What all do you like about Ole Miss right now? "I like how their guys get pumped before the games. How they come out, ready to play. Their coaches seem like a good group too."

What attracts you to N.C. State? "I like their coaches and facilities. I have not met their players, but I do like their coaches and facilities. Stuff like that."

What will be the main factors in your decision? "I am just trying to get my grades together. I want to meet their coaches, players, and see what their study habits are like. I need to see what I have to do to get into their school."

Where you do currently stand, academically? "I would be a D11 recruit right now. I have to get my English classes in order. I need Comp 1 & 11 and Lit 1 & 11. I plan to finish those up next semester and both summer terms. That is what I plan on doing, but we will have to see. I have everything else, I just need those English credits."

Do you have any inhome visits lined up next week? "Yes sir, Ole Miss is coming by on either Tuesday or Wednesday (Dec 2 or 3). Jackson State is coming by too."

Greg is an August prospect.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Greg Peterson on December 8th:

Did you decide to not play in the MS Juco All-star game last Saturday? "No sir, I was selected but Coach Smith did not get permission from North Carolina State, so I did not play in the game."

Do you consider yourself committed to North Carolina State? "No sir."

Have you had a chance to set up any official visits? "I go to Missouri tomorrow (12/10), and I am going to Ole Miss on January 14th. I do not know about the N.C. State date yet."

Are you thinking about taking anymore official visits, besides those three schools? "I am thinking about taking an official with Western Georgia if I do not qualify for a D1 school."

Any recent inhome visits? "A few have come by to see me. Ole Miss, Missouri, Western Georgia, and North Carolina State. The main ones that are recruiting me. Oh yea, Arkansas came by too."

Which coach made the biggest impression with you? "The Ole Miss coach, Jay Hopson. He just seemed like a cool guy. He told me it was not going to be easy. He was straight forward. He did not try to sugar coat it. He said he could see me starting next year, but I would have to earn it and work hard. Nothing would be given to me. Most coaches say you can come in and start now, just sugar coating things. Where ever I go, I know I will have to earn it, so do not try to sugar coat it to me."

When coaches come in and say you can start off the bat, or as you say, "sugar coat" it; what does that tell you? "That they are lying to me. If they will lie about that, then they will lie about other things. I know the truth, and I want to here it from the coaches."

Does the fact that Ole Miss lost their head coach play a role in your decision? "I do not really know. I have not sat down and thought about it. I do not know, I am just looking to play ball. I never sat down and talked to their head coach. I just always talked to Coach Hopson and he is staying. I have never talked to anyone else from Ole Miss."

Is it important for you that Ole Miss keeps Coach Hopson?"Yea, real important."

Greg is an August prospect.

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