Locker Room: Coach Herb Sendek

Following the Pack's 94-60 dismantling of Liberty at Reynolds Coliseum, State coach Herb Sendek discussed the Wolfpack's thorough victory.


You have to be happy with committing just five turnovers in the entire game.
That's something we've done pretty well early in the season. We had a few too many against Manhattan, but for the most part, especially for being early in the season, the turnovers have been pretty darn good. On the one hand, we can point to our rebounding and say, "Listen, we're going to have to clearly be better in that area." But I've been very pleased with the way we're handling the basketball.

Did you know how close Julius Hodge was to a triple-double?
I knew he had great numbers today. He was really, I thought, dominant in the basketball game.

Was there any thought of leaving him in there for one more rebound and assist?
You like to do those things, but we had a pretty good working margin. It was an opportunity to play our young guys and hopefully display some measure of sportsmanship as well.

Can you talk about the way Andrew Brackman played?
I think all of our freshmen really stepped up and gave us good minutes today. In particular, Andrew, to answer your question, I thought was terrific in the first half. He was 4-for-5 at the half and really helped us open up the lead when he was in the game in the first half.

Did you say anything to Hodge about getting the ball to Cedric Simmons?
Our guys like each other, they really do. We have really good guys that genuinely like each other and want each other to do well, so I didn't have to say anything to Julius. Julius saw Ced come in and he wanted to get him involved in the game as a young guy, and that's great leadership. You can imagine that, as a freshman, to have a guy like Julius uplifting you that way, that adds to your confidence and how you feel about yourself. And that's just another way that Julius can be a special guy for us.

How amazing is it to you that all of the "Big Four" teams are ranked in the top 10?
This historically has been a great region for basketball, and I know we have some outstanding teams again this year. It's early in the season and there's a lot of basketball to be played. I don't want to be too overstated.

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