Locker Room Audio: Wolfpack Players

<img src=> Listen to the Wolfpack talk about Thursday's loss to St. John's in this audio report.

SG/SF Cameron Bennerman (2:06)

"This was just one of those games where all those things that could go wrong did go wrong. Coach has been warning us all season about this, and it's inevitable that you'll have a game or two like this each season. But, we can't let this happen again with the ACC season right around the corner."

F Ilian Evtimov (2:21)

"In the first half we had 11 turnovers and scored ten points. You can't win when you play like that. You've got to run your offense."

G Julius Hodge (.58)

"In the second half I just said I'm just going to impose my will on this game, but it was a little too late. They had too big of a lead and once a team gets up like that there's really not too much you can do."

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