Pack Pride Recruiting Depth Chart

Pack Pride breaks down the remaining prospects on the NC State recruiting board.

Pack Pride breaks down the remaining recruiting board by position. Players that NC State appears to have the best shot with are noted in red. This board is in no way connected with any recruiting board of the NC State coaching staff.





Chris Todd

Likes TT & NCS, mulling new OU offer

Oct 23

Jarrett Brown

WVU commit looking at NCS

Dec 10

Jonathan Garner

Pack in late, OM and GT lead

Jan ?

Running Backs

Toney Baker

Considering NCS, UVA, UT and UNC

Dec 3

Richie Rich

Looking at NCS, UNC, MINN, OM

Dec 3

Montario Hardesty

Heavy UT lean, Pack chances slim

Jan ?

Conredge Collins

Looks FSU bound

Dec 10

Wide Receivers

Geron James

Considered a State lean

Dec 10

Lavar Lobdell

USC could prove team to beat

Jan 7

Bruce Williams

Offer could bring him to State

Jan 7

Kyle Johnson

Could get him but offer looks iffy

Dec 10

Kyle Newell

Big-timer, many think UVA and MD lead

Dec 10

Richard Goodman

Likes AUB, upcoming NCS visit

Jan 14

JC Neal

Seems to favor NCS solid

Jan 14

Offensive Linemen

Julian Williams

Another Wolfpack lean

Jan 14

Curtis Crouch

Will make visits but NCS looks good

Jan 14

Simon Codrington

Will be hard to beat Noles in Fla

Dec 10

Quinton Brown

See Codrington

Jan 14

Chris Barney

NCS chances dependent on MIA offer

Dec 3

Tyler Rice

Rice would probably commit with offer

Jan 14

Brian Roche

Hard to judge

Jan 14

John Gill

Vandy looks like team to beat

Jan 14

Tight Ends

Jonathan Hannah

Strong in-home puts Pack back in it

Jan 21

Corey Wootton

UConn leads

Jan 14

Defensive Linemen

Ricky Jean-Francois

NCS has chance, watch out for UT & FLA

Jan 21/28


New name to the list

Jan 14

Littleton Wright

If Pack makes offer, he's off to Raleigh

Jan 14

Vladimir Richard

Slim to no chance

Dec 3

Gerald Williams

Slim to no chance

Dec 3


Brent Davis

Favors NCS, upcoming USC trip

Dec 10

Defensive Backs

Charles Pugh

Likes NCS, GT and WVU

Jan 14

Jordan Hemby

Down to UNC and NC State

Dec 10

Eric Sledge

Super ATH, NCS trying for visit

Jan ?

Tyller Roberts

Pack could get him with offer

Jan 14

Quinton Andrews

Favors FLA over UGA, WVU and NCS

Jan ?

Michael Washington

Recent interest from NCS, CLEM leads

Jan ?

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