My Dohertyville Journal

Fight Club legend, Pig_Farmer (one of the estimated 3000 Wolfpack fans who took over at the Dean Dome) found a Dohertyville Journal in a trash bin at the Dome's south exit. Being one not to let such good penmanship go to waste, he sent it over to The Abyss for verification of it's authenticity. We have inspected the transcript, and we can put the TSW seal of authenticity on it. It should be cherished by all our UNC-Ch visitors!

My Dohertyville Journal: Notes from a true UNC-Ch fan

Author unknown
Whereabouts unknown

Set up my tent for the big game with NC State. I seem to be the first tent here.

Day 2
Passerby gave me the sad news that we lost to UConn by 20-something. Decided to stay anyway and wait for tickets to the big State game. Still first tent here. I'll be on the front row!

Day 3
Frat brothers came by to encourage me. Brought vegetarian pizza and Wild Turkey. A dog peed on the side of the tent but I ran him off.

Day 4
Still the only tent here in Doville. Can't figure out why nobody wants to camp out for the big game. We always seem to play State a close game so I don't want to miss it.

Day 5
Getting cold so I started a fire in the tent. Smoke made me pass out and I hit my head on the lantern. Passersby pulled me out. Will stay because I can't bear the thought of not getting tickets to the big game with NC State.

Day 6
Getting hungry. Have decided to give myself the native American name, "Smells like Possum." Also, figured out how to turn on the laptop. Studied notes for diversity and sensitivity class. Still only tent here.

Day 7
Campus Police Officer made me leave. He said we are 5-10 and don't have a chance of beating NC State. Heartbroken and confused. Packed up tent and went back to dormroom. End of journal.

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