Daily Strut - Monday

We have a new format for TSW's Daily Struts. We now offer you a quick synopsis of the article, while remaining true to our thorough search for NC State news. Let us know what you think with the format, as it is our goal to please our visitors.

Heels Wins! Heels Wins! Heels Wins!!!!!11

Tar Heels stop streak - News and Record: UNCCH defeats Clemson with 40 points from starting backcourt Boone and Scott to earn its first win since last year. Doh says, "I can't tell you how proud I am of this group." Us either.

Wolfpack Football News

Tramain Hall and longest yard - Sonny Jones * Fayetteville On-Line: Quick take on the confusing Tramain Hall saga. Even spelled his name right (we think).

State OKs football center design - Dan Kane * News and Observer: New Carter-Finley football center continues on its goal line drive with inspector approval.

Wolfpack Basketball News

Wolfpack finally return to prominence - Tim Peeler * Special to CNNSI.com: SPLENDID article by Tim Peeler (a writer from the Greensboro News & Record that has a weekly ACC update published at CNNSI.com) on the Pack. Starts off with the following:

"Welcome back, old friend.

It appears that N.C. State, the school that brought college basketball fever to the state of North Carolina and helped create the excitement of ACC hoops, is finally awakened from its decade-long slumber."

--and the article just gets better from there. This isn't an article by someone who wants on the bandwagon; it's a fact-filled, fair take on our program that is written from a great historical perspective.

Tim deserves some serious kudos from Pack fans for this gem. Email him at tpeeler@news-record.com.

Hodge, Pack shut down Temple - Jeremy Ashton * Technician: Great game story focusing on Julius Hodge's shutdown of Lynn Greer, Temple's usual go-to guy, who finished without a single field goal. There's a great picture of Hodge forcing Greer into a miss (one of his three airballs, maybe?).

Updated ACC Standings - TSW Staff * struttingwolf.com: ACC basketball standings and schedule with links to game recaps.


RPI rating - TSW Staff * College RPI: Pack's up-to-date RPI standings. We actually dropped to #32 after our two wins this week over UNCCH and Temple. Dang cupcake scheduling!

USA Today ESPN Poll - USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Poll: Three teams drop out, but we don't get in--we're at #28. Reckon we'll just have to keep winning.

The Sporting News - Sporting News Power Poll: Pack's at #30.

In Parting

Bobsledder Banned From Olympics - AP * Charlotte Observer: Antics of US men's and women's bobsled teams.

Coaches' $#&*+! court-side manner - Ned Barnet * News and Observer: Well-researched, well-written, comprehensive article from Ned Barnett from the N&O on NCAA coaches' lack of decorum, focusing on Krzyzewski's f-bomb shriek heard by everyone watching the Duke-Maryland game.

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