The Final Pack Pride Recruiting Board

Pack Pride breaks down the remaining prospects on the football recruiting board.

Pack Pride presents The Top 25 List. This feature gives a detailed listing of players interested in NC State and they are ranked according to their interest in the Wolfpack based on information gathered by the staff at Pack Pride. This list is in no way connected with any actual recruiting list of the NC State coaching staff. All players on this board have received a scholarship offer from the Pack unless specified otherwise.

Pack Pride Rating Legend

100- Verbal Commitment

95-99 NCS Lean

90-94 NCS in top 2 or 3

85-89 NCS in top 5 or 6

75-84 NCS has work to do

1. DL Quinton Brown (6-6, 260 pounds, 4.9 seconds in the 40) Edgewater HS, Orlando, Fla

Prospect Ranking...Unrated....NCS Recruiter....Todd Stroud

Notes...When looking at AA OL Matt Hardrick, recruiters couldn't help but notice Brown. Big, athletic lineman with long arms. Physically, not where Hardrick is now but tons of potential and has earned dozen offers from schools like Florida, FSU and NC State. Probably leaning to staying in-state but State should get an official visit in December....Update...Favors NCS and FSU. Will most likely visit in January. FSU could prove tough to beat but early PT is in State's corner...Update....Like Codrington, we think it'll be a tall task to get Brown out of the state of Florida. He will be visiting State this weekend but parents apparently not making the trip. Will be interesting to see if the fact State is recruiting as a DL will be a factor or not...Will also visit Florida (Jan 21) and USC (Jan 28)....Update....Says NCS leads and things look good for the Pack. Not a done deal yet but Brown could be a huge get for the Pack...Rating....96...PP Leader....NCS

2. OL Terrance Campbell (6-5, 290 pounds, 4.95/40) Purnell Swett HS, Pembroke, NC

Prospect Ranking...Unrated...NCS Recruiter...Greg Williams

Notes...Considering a visit to Maryland and possibly East Carolina. Will most likely commit to NC State with a Wolfpack offer and we should know something by the first of next week......Rating....with NC State offer....98.....PP Leader...NC State

3. S/LB Charles Pugh (6-1, 205 pounds, 4.6/40) Edgewater HS, Orlando, Fla

Prospect Ranking...Unrated...NCS Recruiter...Todd Stroud

Notes....Pugh favors NC State with a visit to West Virginia looming. It is thought that the Pack has not yet offered although they could. Should they decide to pull the trigger, it would appear likely Pugh would commit to State as things appear now....Rating...with NC State offer....98....PP Leader...NC State

4. ATH Kyle Newell (6-4, 225 pounds, 4.55 in the 40) Bethlehem (PA) Catholic HS

Prospect Ranking...4-star prospect...NCS Recruiter...Greg Williams

Notes...CB coach Greg Williams' connections at Bethlehem Catholic have paid off as he's been able to land an official visit with Newell. Realistically, State may be a longshot and it will probably take a blowout trip to have a good shot. However, Newell is a very quiet person so getting an accurate reas on him has been tough. Insiders feel MD and UVA lead currently. Newell's former teammate, John Bedics is on the NC State roster...Update....We feel better about State's chances since the last update but this is one that is nearly impossible to predict. Upcoming trips to TENN and UVA loom large. Will be a huge get for whichever team lands him....Update...Says he is now down to UVA and NCS with some hints he may be favoring UVA. Decision could come any day but there's no doubt this is a huge target for the Pack...Rating...94....PP Leader...UVA/NCS

5. OL Simon Codrington (6-5, 265 pounds, 5.0/40) S. Miami (Fla) High School

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect....No. 7 OL in Florida by Orlando Sentinel....NCS Recruiter........Chuck Amato/Mike Barry

Notes....Tall, athletic OL who holds a tremendous amount of upside. Reports close to two dozen offers but appears to be mainly focused on the Big 3, WVU, NCS and MSU. FLA may hold the upper hand currently but this is a player State has the potential to land....Update...All indications are this battle will come down to FLA or NCS. Codrington has said that if he goes out of state to play it will most likely be at NC State...Update....Appears Codrington may slightly be leaning to NCS but FLA is still a team that must be reckoned with if they settle coaching issues. Personal attention from Amato has helped big-time in this battle and State coaches love his upside...Update...FSU now a major player as well...Update...State still in the battle but we're not as optimistic as before. It's going to be a heck of a task to get Codrington out of Florida with the Gators and FSU so heavily involved. Doc Holliday at Florida certainly doesn't help the cause....Update...Everything appears to be basically the same with Codrington. We feel FLA, FSU and NCS are the main players. The Gators may prove too tough to beat but the potential is certainly there for Codrington to pick the Pack...Rating....92...PP Leader....FSU/FLA

6. WR Richard Goodman (6-0, 175 pounds, 4.45 in the 40) St Thomas Aquinas HS, Ft Lauderdale, Fl

Prospect Ranking...Unrated....NCS Recruiter....Chuck Amato

Notes....One of Florida's best kept secrets, Goodman's stock has taken off over the last several weeks. Has already visited Auburn and has trips planned for Mississippi State (Jan 14), NC State (Jan 21) and Florida (Jan 28) Like Davis, if the Gators and Urban Meyer offer, Florida could be the team to beat. Other than Greg Golden, NC State has not had a lot of success at Aquinas....Update....Pack most likely would have landed Goodman but last minute offer from Noles has probably put that in jeopardy. Most believe he'll commit to Noles on visit to Tally this weekend. State still has a small chance based on early playing time potential...Rating...92...PP Leader...FSU

7. ATH Jamelle Eugene (5-10, 190 pounds, 4.6/40) Naples (Fla) HS

Prospect Ranking...2-star prospect...NCS Recruiter...Todd Stroud

Notes...Was not reportedly offered on his visit and currently appears down to South Florida and NC State. Should the Pack offer, State probably has a better than average chance...Rating....with NC State offer...92.....PP Leader....USF/NCS

8. WR Lavar Lobdell (6-3, 195 pounds, 4.5 in the 40) Christian Brothers Academy, Syracuse, NJ

Prospect Ranking...4-star prospect....NCS Recruiter...Mike Barry

Notes...Pack has been on Lobdell for months and will get an official visit this weekend. Word has WVU leading currently but we think it will boil down to NCS and MIA if they pursue hard. Doesn't appear USC will get a visit now but MIA reportedly will on the 21st. Pack could potentially land his teammate, Bruce Williams, which could be a small factor in State's favor...Update...Would appear that if Miami offer is solid he could end up with Canes. Florida visit could also loom large...Rating...91....PP Leader...MIA

9. QB Jarrett Brown (6-3, 190 pounds, 4.52 in the 40) W Palm Beach (Fl) High School

Prospect Ranking....3-star prospect....NCS Recruiter....Chuck Amato/Curt Cignetti

Notes...Originally committed to WVU but Pack landed an official visit in December. Brown says he is still open with little clue as to where he's leaning. WVU recently got a commit from teammate Jet Best and he'll visit WVU on the 28th. Those two factors could weigh heavily in the Mountaineers favor....Rating....90....PP Leader....WVU

10. CB Tyller Roberts (6-0, 190 pounds, 4.5 in the 40) Edgewater High School, Orlando, Fla

Prospect Ranking....Unrated....NCS Recruiter....Todd Stroud

Notes...Had solid showing in Cali-Florida Bowl and college interest has grown accordingly. Just getting Roberts out of the state of Florida could prove to be the biggest challenge as he has strong interest in Florida and USF....Update...Had a really good visit to State but distance from home seems to be a major stumbling block. Latest word has him leaning towards USF...Rating...90....PP Leader...USF

11. OL Brian Roche (6-4, 280 pounds, 5.0 in the 40) Don Bosco Prep, Ramsey, NJ

Prospect Ranking...4-star prospect...NCS Recruiter...Mike Barry

Notes...Pack got in the mix a little late but has secured an official visit on Jan 14. Has already visitied LOU and Michigan State. Will also visit Notre Dame on Jan 28 and if he's still uncommitted by then, the Irish could prove tough to beat. Pack needs a blowout visit to have a shot....Update...Pack had a blowout visit and has a shot. Has narrowed to LOU, NCS, FLA and ND. Hard to say where he's leaning but many insiders feel it's LOU/ND...Rating...89....PP Leader....LOU/ND

12. DL Matt Kushner (6-4, 255 pounds) Bethlehem (Pa) Catholic High School

Prospect Ranking...Unrated...NCS Recruiter....Greg Williams

Notes...Kushner had a huge senior season and was a recent addition to the NC State official visit list for next weekend. Has already tripped to Villanova. Teammate of Kyle Newell. Favorites are unknown currently.

13. WR Kyle Johnson (6-1, 185 pounds, 4.45/40) Hopewell HS, Charlotte, NC

Prospect Ranking....2-star prospect....NCS Recruiter...Dick Portee

Notes....Unconfirmed commitment to East Carolina. Pack could probably make a serious move should they decide to do so before signing day.

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