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<img src=> Listen to NC State head coach Chuck Amato discuss the Wolfpack's 2005 recruiting class in this exclusive audio interview from Pack Pride.

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  • Wolfpack Inks 24 In Homegrown Class

    NC State signed 24 prospects today and Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media this afternoon to discuss his recruiting class.

    Here's your chance to hear Amato give his thoughts on the class, recruiting, and individual signees in this exclusive audio interview from Pack Pride.

    NC State head coach Chuck Amato (29:23)

    "Our objective going into it was to sign linemen. We wanted linemen, and we got them. If you include Willie [Young], we signed seven offensive and seven defensive linemen, and that's where the games are won. There's no question about it.

    That's why we were so good defensively a year ago and that's why when we got all the injuries we had offensively it hurt us because of the lack of quality depth at that position. On top of it we still signed some of the best skilled athletes in America."

    In-state recruiting:
    "I've said this since the day I've got here. You have to put a fence around the state of North Carolina, and we signed ten young men from this state. But, in doing so we recruited every blue-chip athlete in the state of North Carolina.

    We can not take their arms and twist them and make them come to North Carolina State. Some people say, 'Well they are never going to get any skill people from the state of North Carolina,' and they themselves go out-of-state. They themselves go out-of-state, but we've got to earn that right. We have to earn that right and you earn it by winning and you earn it by having a successful program.

    I'm proud of the fact that we signed ten outstanding players from this state and that's the beginning of it. People can say what they want to, but we have more people from this state on our football team than we have from any other state in the country. That's where it all begins."

    "We have twenty-four kids and guess what? We didn't even have to pull a commitment. We didn't even have to pull a commitment in what we're doing because it's done in such a professional way. You've got to keep track of all of that.

    There are some people that will do that. We ran into that quite a bit this year all over. In fact, some of the kids we actually recruited, things like that happened to.

    Really, it's not a bad class for a sinking ship and we're reall pleased with what we've got."

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