Locker Room Report: Herb Sendek

Wolfpack Head Coach Herb Sendek met with the media following the Virginia loss and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

What there anything specific UVa did that gave you trouble?
They really tried to take as much time off the clock as possible, they played small, tried to take advantage of some matchups. It certainly was much more effective once we relinquished our 9-2 lead.

Any thing they did on defense that specifically bother you?
We didn't get that many shots from the field, a couple times when we did catch it in the post they'd come in with a second defender.

You had five rebounds in the first half, can you talk a little bit about that?
We didn't offensive rebound in the half either. We had one offensive rebound in the half and finished with 7. We've got to rebound the ball better.

You again struggled with free throws, how badly did that hurt you? We missed some free throws down the home stretch. Once again it's like deja vu to the other night, we need make our free throws and go back on defense, instead we missed a front end of a one-and-one, we gamble on a steal on the underneath out-of-bounds play, and instead of being down six, we're down 11. Those are the kind of swings that really hurt our basketball team.

Do you feel that your team put in enough effort tonight?
We certainly didn't put 40 minutes together tonight. We did better in the second half, but not as good in the first half. The game took on a completely different feel than I think we were expecting, with the stall, you know, and to the extent that it contributed to the rhythm of our play, when they were dribbling the clock out.

What did you say to your team after the game?
What we discuss in the locker room is our conversation.

How do you move on and prepare for Wake after a game like this?
We've just got to pull back up and keep battling. Honestly, we're disappointed, we don't feel good about the way things have gone for us. The only intelligent response and productive response is to have enough character and mental toughness to keep coming back.

Can you talk about the play of Cedric Simmons tonight?
Certainly if there's any silver lining to NC State tonight it was Cedric Simmons. He continues to get better and better and I thought he was really good tonight. He really allowed our offense to go through him for much of the game, not only for himself but to create some opportunities for his teammates.

Is this loss especially frustrating since it was to a team that's 1-7 in the league?
It's never easy to lose. We need every game that we play, we try to win every game that we play.

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