Locker Room Report: Herb Sendek

<B>WINSTON-SALEM, NC --</B> NC State head coach Herb Sendek met the media following the Wake Forest loss and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Thoughts on the game:
From our standpoint, I thought our guys played well in the second half. I was pleased with the constitution our guys showed to keep plugging away. Unfortunately, once we cut the lead down to five, we made a couple of turnovers. We didn't continue to make the plays we needed to make to continue to cut into the lead.

Thoughts on Wake Forest:
[Wake Forest] is a heck of a basketball team. Offensively, I don't see any component they don't have. Skip has done a great job with the team.

Comments regarding Julius Hodge:
The only thing I will say about Julius Hodge's situation is that it was a team matter, and I'll leave it at that. But there's no question he played one of his best games of the year.

I think it's important to look at [our team] collectively. Obviously, we're better when Julius Hodge plays his best, but we can't put it all on his shoulders. Every player had to do his best in the role he plays.

Cameron Bennerman's return from injury:
Cam [Bennerman] came back Monday, so this is his fourth day back playing basketball. He's an amazing guy. He's had injuries in the past and has had the capacity to come back amazingly well. He's an important player for us and it's good to have him back.

NC State's health:
This team is as healthy today as we were when we returned from New York in December. That's when the wheels started falling off. One of the greatest challenges of the season has been handling the discontinuity you have in practice when guys are injured — having guys have to assume different roles. It's a challenge that's been there for the past six weeks. We're still working through it.

It's not easy [keeping morale high] when you invest a great deal in what you do, but what's the alternative? You have to keep showing up to practice and working hard.

Thoughts on Wake guard Taron Downey:
Taron Downey is having a terrific year. He's one of the guys I think is underrated when you consider all the press clippings some of the other guys have gotten. He's a tremendous weapon for them. He gives Wake another skilled player you have to deal with.

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