Breaking Down the Last Five Recruiting Classes

Pack Pride takes a look at NC State's last five recruiting classes, including a breakdown of how each player was rated as a high school prospect and what he's accomplished with the Pack.

Class of 2001

Headliners- TE Sean Berton, QB Jay Davis, CB Marcus Hudson, S Andre Maddox, LB Pat Thomas

Class Ratings: No. 31

Prep Football Report- No. 13

G & W Recruiting Report- No. 15

SuperPrep- No. 23

Max Emfinger- No. 9

PrepStar- No. 26 No. 17

The Class

Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay-2 star prospect to starter

Brian Archis-left team early

Sean Berton- transfer from WVU to in NFL

Josh Brown-spot starter that left team early

Terrance Chapman-starter for one year but left team early

Antoine Colvin-left team early

Chip Cross-2-star prospect to two-deep, not with team

Jay Davis-3-star prospect to starter

Dovonte Edwards-3-star prospect to starter

Avery Gibson- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Greg Golden-4-star prospect to starter, but left the team early

Dwayne Herndon-2-star prospect to two-deep

Sterling Hicks-3-star prospect to starter

Marcus Hudson-2-star prospect to starter

JJ Jones-2-star prospect to two-deep

Andre Maddox- 2-star prospect to all-acc

Terrance Martin- 2-star prospect to starter, now in NFL

John McKeon- 2-star prospect to starter

Brandon Moore-left team early

Renaldo Moses- 2-star prospect to two-deep

Chris Murray-left team early

Jed Paulsen- 3-star prospect to all-acc honorable mention

Shawn Price- 4-star prospect to all-acc

Lamont Reid- 3-star prospect to starter

John Ritcher- 3-star prospect to starter

Fred Span- 2-star prospect to reserve

Pat Thomas- 2-star prospect to all-acc

Tramain Hall- did not qualify

Lamarr Smith- did not qualify

Kennie Covington-did not qualify

Class of 2002

Headliners- CB AJ Davis, WR Tramain Hall, DT John McCargo, RB TA McLendon, WR Richard Washington

Class Ratings:

Student Sports- No. 32 No. 33

The Class

Lamart Barrett-did not qualify

Brian Clark- 3-star prospect to starter

AJ Davis- 4-star prospect to starter

John Derraney- 3-star prospect to starter

Elijah Dukes-never joined team

Tramain Hall- 5-star prospect to starter

Leroy Harris- 3-star prospect to all-acc honorable mention

Garland Heath-did not qualify

Alan Holloway-3-star prospect to starter

Jon Holt- 2-star prospect to two-deep

Oliver Hoyte- 2-star prospect to starter

Manny Lawson- 2-star prospect to starter

Roddy Long- no longer with team

Sheldon Lewin- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Pat Lowery- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Alex Lumpkin-never joined team

John McCargo- 2-star prospect to all-acc honorable mention

TA McLendon- 4-star prospect to all-conference, left team early for NFL

Chris Moore- 2-star prospect to reserve

James Newby- 2-star prospect to two-deep

Travis Singletary-left team early

Lamarr Smith- never joined team

Richard Washington- 4-star prospect to starter

TJ Williams- 2-star prospect to all-acc honorable mention

Class of 2003

Headliners- DE Mario Williams, QB Marcus Stone, DT Demarcus Tyler, OL Derek Morris, LB Stephen Tulloch

Class Ratings: No. 13

G & W Recruiting- No. 10

Prep Football Report- No. 10

SuperPrep- No. 8 No. 7

The Class

Lamart Barrett- 2-star prospect to starter

Darrell Blackman-did not qualify

Ray Brooks-did not join team

Martrel Brown- 2-star prospect to two-deep

Kennie Covington-did not qualify, never joined team

Maurice Charles- 2-star prospect to two-deep, not currently with team

Reggie Davis- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Brian Dennison-never joined team

Guerlin Dervil- 2-star prospect to reserve

Chad Green-did not qualify

Chris Hawkins- 3-star prospect to two-deep, no longer with team

Garland Heath- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Kalani Heppe- 2-star prospect to reserve

Phillip Holloman- 2-star prospect to reserve

Jamesly Jean- 3-star prospect to reserve

Ernest Jones- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Luke Lathan- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Shane Lucas- 3-star prospect to reserve

James Martin- 3-star prospect to reserve

Derek Morris- 5-star prospect to starter

Yomi Ojo- 3-star prospect to reserve

Lerue Rumph- 4-star prospect to two-deep

Miguel Scott-did not qualify

Marcus Stone- 4-star prospect to two-deep

Jimmie Sutton- 4-star prospect to two-deep

Stephen Tulloch-3-star prospect to starter

DeMarcus Tyler- 3-star prospect to starter

Mario Williams- 4-star prospect to all-american

Class of 2004

Headliners- DT DeMario Pressley, WR John Dunlap, RB Darrell Blackman, DE Ray Brooks, ATH Dajuan Morgan

Class Ratings: No. 28 No. 24

SuperPrep- No. 20

FoxSports- No. 20

The Class

John Bedics- 2-star prospect to reserve

Darrell Blackman- 4-star prospect to two-deep

Ray Brooks- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Andre Brown-did not qualify

Octavius Darby-3-star prospect to reserve

John Dunlap- 3-star prospect to starter

Daniel Evans- 1-star prospect to reserve

Merci Falaise- 3-star prospect to reserve

Jeremy Gray- 2-star prospect to reserve

Tyler Lewis- 4-star prospect to two-deep

Anthony Hill- 3-star prospect to reserve

Lamarte McGhee- 2-star prospect to reserve

Gerard Miller- 4-star prospect to reserve

Dajuan Morgan- 3-star prospect to reserve

Demario Pressley- 5-star prospect to two-deep

Miguel Scott- 3-star prospect to two-deep

Brandon Setzer- did not qualify, never joined team

Willie Young-did not qualify

Class of 2005

Headliners- RB Toney Baker, RB Andre Brown, DE Willie Young, WR JC Neal, WR Kyle Newell

Class Ratings: No. 23 No. 27

ESPN- No. 25

Bill Hodge- No. 24

The Class

Toney Baker

Andre Brown

Quentin Brown

Andy Barbee

Alan-Michael Cash

Curtis Crouch

Jamelle Eugene

Mike Greco

Chad Green

Geron James

Brandon Jeffries

Garrett Kline

Matt Kushner

Ted Larsen

Jeraill McCuller

Ray Michel

JC Neal

Levin Neal

Kyle Newell

Doug Palmer

Avery Vogt

Julian Williams

Littleton Wright

Willie Young

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