Devin Aromashodu - Decision still pending

There always seems to be one player who catches the fancy of die hard recruiting buffs. Last year the big watch was on Ahmad "Batman" Carrol who finally settled on Arkansas. This year we have Devin Aromashodu (6-2 185 4.4).

Devin is one of the elite wide receivers from the state of Florida. He has the size, the speed and the vertical jump (42-inches). He has excellent hands with consistent game. This wide receiver has all the makings of an impact player at whatever school he chooses, which leads us to "Devin's Dilemma." He can't seem to permanently narrow down his final choice though he does now seem set on a favorite.

In the last week, Devin has committed to three different schools. NC State, Auburn and Florida. Each time he has committed, his reasoning seemed to be sound. Here is what Devin told Jamie Newberg of Border Wars, who has followed him closely the past two weeks and has chronicled his fluctuating commitments as well as anyone:

January 22, 2002 2:55pm ET: "I just committed to NC State, said wide receiver Devin Aromashadu. My coach knows Chuck Amato very well and he is a big believer in him. I trust that. I also like their passing offense and I like the city of Raleigh."

January 22, 2002 4:21pm ET: "I committed to NC State this morning, said wide receiver Devin Aromashadu, but then Auburn called and now I am re-thinking everything. NC State is coming by tonight and Auburn is coming by tomorrow. I will have a firm decision tomorrow night... at least I think so. It will be NC State or Auburn."

January 28, 2002 2:36pm ET: "I told NC State yesterday that they were now out. I am leaning to Florida over Auburn. Florida was always my favorite team growing up as a kid but they really didn't start recruiting me until the fall of this past season."

January 28, 2002 5:11pm ET: "I am now committed to Florida."

If you dig a little deeper, and go back to the beginnings, you may just find the root of Devin's fluctuations. Devin seemed to of been committed for playing at the University of Miami, but the Canes had other ideas. According to Mike Bakas of, Devin's list of favorite's changed when Miami coaches called his high school coach. Devin told the CanesTime, "I've been favoring them all year, but Coach Coker talked to my coach and he said they have three wide receivers committed and since they're still recruiting two others, they didn't have more room for me."

Flash forward to February 1, 2002 4:21 pm ET. After watching the Internet rumors and news make the recruitment of Devin Aromashodu the stuff from which legends are made, The Strutting Wolf made a phone call to the Florida phenom to get the facts (we think). Asked if he had made his final decision on a college, Devin said "I think I'm going to Florida. It is a difficult decision to make, but Florida is only 5 1/2 hours away and my family can come see me play". TSW also asked if he might change his mind between now and signing date and Devin said "I might."

Although Florida leads for Aromashodu's services, we asked if NC State and Auburn are still on his list, Devin said, "Auburn is on the list."

We also asked if he planned on sitting down with his HS Coach to talk about his decision before he signs, "No, this will be a family decision."

So the 2002 legend goes forth, leaving recruiting buffs bedazzled and confused with "Devin's Dilemma." It is a difficult decision Devin faces, and one that will soon be made.

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