Pre Spring: Florida Prep WRs

Note, this is only a partial list since my list will continue to grow throughout the spring and summer as I attend more camps and combines and get a chance to watch more of the top players.

Dominic Brown, 6-5, 185, Dade City (Pasco) -- Two years ago Johnnie Peyton (now at USF) drew a lot of attention at this school. While Payton's good and is beginning a bright future in Tampa, Brown's the best WR prospect to come out of the school in many years. He's a legit 6-4 1/2 and runs very well. He had over 30 catches for over 600 yards as a junior. It doesn't stop there. He's an All-State pitcher in baseball with a 89+ MPH fastball. He's still very raw in both sports, which means his best days are way ahead of him.

Riley Cooper, 6-3, 190, Clearwater (CC) -- Coming from the same school as AJ Trump, Cooper is coming off a banner junior season. He's a physical player with decent speed but just has the ability to come up with big plays when his team needs him. He may also project as a safety at the college level. However, he has tremendous ability as a possession receiver.

Carlos Everett, 6-1, 175, Bushnell (South Sumter) -- For those who remember when Earl Everett was being recruited by UM a few years ago, I spoke highly about his younger brother. At the time, I even suggested he may end up being a bigger recruit. Well, Carlos is a rising senior now. He's got tremendous speed and quickness and showed flashes of excellence as a junior. He's not nearly as big or physical as his brother but he's a big time player at this level and just knows how to find openings in defenses. Having played some quarterback also helps.

Xavier Harris, 6-1, 190, Fort Lauderdale -- The school's best prospect in quite some time, Harris torched opposing defenses as a junior. He was by far the most productive receiver in Broward County this past season, while averaging over 25 yards per catch. He has the size/speed combo you look for and will be looking to put up another huge season. This time, all the eyes of college coaches will be on him.

Jamar Hornsby, 6-4, 190, Jacksonville (Sandalwood) -- With his size, speed, leaping ability, and production this past season, Hornsby is about the closest thing to a complete package that you're going to find. He was all over the place while playing safety, netting over 80 tackles and five picks. He also blocked some kicks, returned some, and had over 500 yards on offense. Because of his size/speed combo and his ability to create mismatches in the passing game, he projects as a wide receiver in college. He's a tremendous athlete (track and hoops standout as well) who knows how to play the game and will be recruited nationally.

Richard Jackson, 6-3, 210, Clermont (East Ridge) -- Another huge, physical target who played on both sides of the ball as a junior. He doesn't have the quick feet quite like Hornsby and didn't dominate quite like the Jacksonville star but he brings a lot of the same qualities to the table. He had over 700 yards receiving as a junior and is widely considered one of central Florida's top basketball prospects for the Class of 06.

Greg Matthews, 6-3, 185, Orlando (Edgewater) -- Edgewater has produced a couple high profile wide receiver recruits in recent years -- Mike Walker and Kenny Ingram (both of whom were recruited by Miami) to name a few. Move over because Matthews is the best the school's had in several years. Although he doesn't have a lot of big play flair, he's exactly what his teammates call him -- money. His size helps create mismatches and his ability to make big things happen once he has the ball is what separates him from a lot of players.

DeAndre Morgan, 5-11, 160, Riviera Beach (Suncoast) -- The younger brother of DeJuan Morgan (now at NC State), Morgan is one of the fastest players in the state. He's light now but has room to grow. Like former Suncoast standout Devin Hester, Morgan has played all over the field so far in high school -- QB, RB, WR, DB, KOR, etc. He's a big play artist who will try to settle into a specific position as a senior and while many think he projects as a corner in college, it's hard to imagine not letting him have the ball in his hands on a regular basis. With his speed and explosiveness, he's a threat to take it to the house each time he touches it.

Preston Parker, 6-0, 170, Delray (Atlantic) -- Although not the biggest or fastest guy you'll see at the position, Parker brings a tremendous amount of ability to the position. He's been tearing up opposing defenses in Palm Beach County for the last two seasons and will likely continue to as a senior. He's got the instincts a lot of big, fast kids lack and that's still what the game boils down to for young wide receivers. He is also a high profile safety who covers a lot of ground and knows how to make big plays.

Alex Rose, 6-1, 180, Jacksonville (First Coast) -- A big play artist who comes from the same school that has produced a number of major Div 1 prospects at receiver in recent years (Mike McIntosh, Reggie Lewis, Kenneth Tookes, etc). It's hard to imagine Rose won't be the best of that bunch. He had over 900 yards as a junior, averaging over 20 per catch. He's another player who can house it each time he touches it and he's a tremendous athlete who looks impressive on the basketball court as well.

Carlton Salters, 6-1, 180, Tallahassee (NFC) -- Playing for one of the top prep programs in the North Florida area, Salters put up an impressive junior campaign that caught a lot of people's attention. He had over 700 yards receiving and six scores and was impressive in doing so. He doesn't have blazing speed but he's got excellent hands and knows how to find holes in defenses.

Sam Shields, 6-0, 190, Sarasota (Booker) -- Nothing was able to slow Shields down this past season -- not injuries and certainly not any of his opponents. Despite missing several games because of a minor knee injury, Shields had 10 touchdown receptions and added three more on kickoff returns. He's another player who's very dangerous every time he touches the ball. He's at his best in the open field and creates a mismatch because of his height and speed.

Tony Wilson, 6-0, 180, Daytona Beach (Mainland) -- A few years ago, Mainland was led to the state championship by running back Vince Wilson, who is now at North Carolina. Tony is the younger brother and is every bit as good at this age. He was Mainland's go-to receiver, catching 20 passes for 450 yards and five scores. He also starred in the secondary and on special teams. He could be next year's version of Avery Atkins. When Jonathan Garner was injured against Lakeland in the state semi-final game, Wilson was the man they called upon to make things happen with his feet. He's just a gamer whose skills are going to get noticed nationally this fall.

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