Class of 2005 Breakdown -- Position Recaps

Pack Pride takes a look at how NC State fared recruiting each position for 2005.

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  • 2005 Breakdown: Quarterbacks

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (Grade A-) - NC State set out to land one dual-threat QB and one pure, drop-back QB. They succeeded in landing Mike Greco, a tremendously athletic QB but missed on all of their drop-back prospects.

  • 2005 Breakdown: Running Backs

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (Grade A+) - The first order of business was to secure 2004 commit Andre Brown. Mission accomplished. The Pack then set out to land North Carolina's top RB prospect for the class of 2005 in Toney Baker. Mission accomplished.

  • 2005 Breakdown: Wide Receivers

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (A+) - Wide Receiver wasn't a huge need for the 2005 season but it will be by the time 2006 rolls around. The Pack more than met their needs and, at the wideout position, landed arguably their most versatile and talented position group. State has tried the last couple of years to add a tall, rangy receiver to it's repertoire and they succeeded in meeting that goal by landing Kyle Newell (6-5) and Geron James (6-4).

  • 2005 Breakdown: Offensive Linemen

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (A+) - Building depth along the offensive was the No. 1 priority for the NC State coaching staff with the class of 2005. They set out to land somewhere between six and eight new linemen and finished with seven.

  • 2005 Breakdown: Defensive Ends

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (A+) - For whatever reason, defensive end has been a position that NC State has had very little problem recruiting. From Terrance Chapman and Shawn Price to Mario Williams, Ray Brooks and Manny Lawson, the Pack has succeeded in landing talented ends in nearly every class. State more than filled their needs with four solid signees in the class of 2005.

  • 2005 Breakdown: Defensive Tackles

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (A) - Defensive Tackle was not a huge need for the class of 2005 but the Pack did identify several prospects to pursue and managed to come away with two very solid players. Both Alan-Michael Cash and Ted Larsen won't be counted on for immediate contributions- which should give them a great opportunity to learn behind two outstanding DT's in John McCargo and Demarcus Tyler.

  • 2005 Breakdown: Linebackers

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (B-) - The Pack did not sign a LB in 2004 so there was more importance placed in filling spots in 2005. Admittedly, this year's class was extremely thin- particularly when targeting OLB's. State did land two quality backers, but given the numbers that the Pack targeted- landing at least one or possibly two more may have been optimum.

  • 2005 Breakdown: Defensive Backs

    Did the Pack meet their needs?: (C) - Admittedly, the Wolfpack was extremely selective when targeting defensive backs for the class of 2005. Jamelle Eugene was a solid pickup for NC State but landing just one DB probably fell short of what the Pack hoped to pull off.

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