Pack Pride's Up Close with WR/DB JC Neal

Pack Pride will run a regular feature profiling the signees from the class of 2005.

The following is a Q & A session with WR/DB JC Neal of Lakewood High School in Sumter, SC. Pack Pride will be profiling many of NC State's signees from the class of 2005 over the next several weeks.

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What have you been up to since the end of football season and are you doing anything to get ready for the upcoming football season?

Neal- "I've been mainly running track. I run the 100 meter, 200 meter and 4 x 100 relay. My best time in the 100 (meter dash) is 10.7 seconds"

When do you plan to arrive at NC State?

Neal- "I'm supposed to be up the week after the fourth of July."

When it came time to decide on your future college, what was the number one reason you selected NC State?

Neal- "Definitely it was the coaching staff and the players. I just got that gut feeling when I was up there."

What was your first impression when you met coach Amato?

Neal- "He was really down to earth and real cool."

During your high school career, what accomplishment are you most proud of?

Neal- "That would be the award named after my brother. My brother passed away when I was nine but he rushed for over 1,000 yards at my high school. So now, any RB that rushes for over 1,000 yards gets that award they named after him. It was special to get that."

If you could pattern your game after one NFL player, who would it be?

Neal- "Clinton Portis. He just gets it and goes."

What is your favorite subject in school?

Neal- "That would have to be PE."

Who would you consider to be NC State's rival in football?

Neal- "That has to be UNC."

Who is your favorite music artist?

Neal- "T.I. or Project Mafia. I also like dance music too."

What is your favorite movie?

Neal- "Saw"

Did you use the internet at all during the recruiting process and if so, what did you use it for?

Neal- "I didn't use it at all. I just listened to what the coaches were telling me and didn't pay attention to anything else."

What do you think you'll need to improve on before you get to NC State?

Neal- "On the offensive side, I'll need to catch more balls. I mainly ran the ball in high school. On defense, I'll need to work on switching directions and my back pedal. I think what State wants me to do is play wide receiver and then play nickel on defense."

If you hadn't selected NC State, who would your next choice have been?

Neal- "South Carolina. They were on me pretty hard after I committed. Coach Spurrier was at this banquet I went to and he was saying that he thought he was coming by on an in-home but it wasn't a big deal."

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Neal- "I pretty much just stay at home and watch TV or play Playstation. My favorite game is Madden 2005. I really like playing as Green Bay."

Is there anything you're good at that might surprise people?

Neal- "I'm pretty good playing the drums."

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