Locker Room Report: Herb Sendek

<B>RALEIGH, NC --</B> NC State head coach Herb Sendek met the media following the loss to Wake Forest and here's a sampler of what he had to say.

Opening Thoughts:
I thought defensively we were as good as anybody can be on a given night. It's a very difficult way to lose at the end. Certainly the one thing that we didn't do nearly as well that we needed to do was convert some free throws.

I thought our fans were sensational. It really helped us dig down deep and give everything we possibly had.

Was that game as physical as it looked?
It was a hard fought game. Both teams really competed and it was a physical game.

Did you see the play with Julius and Chris Paul?
Yes I did. I just watched the replay.

Julius was suspended for a game a few years ago. Would you expect the same?
I think the replay is gonna have to speak for me tonight.

Your defense held Wake to 20 points in the second half. Talk about your defensive effort:
I'm telling you, our defense was as good as it gets in college basketball. It's almost as good of defense as I've seen in almost twenty years of coaching.

What happened defensively the last few seconds?
Chris Paul made a heckuva shot. He got a head of steam up on the inbounds and made a spectacular shot. It was just like Justin Gray's [shot]. I just watched Justin Gray's and Engin couldn't have been any closer to him without fouling.

Give Wake Forest credit. They made two unbelievable plays.

Is this a similar feeling to the Vanderbilt loss from last year?
No. They both hurt but totally different games.

What do you need to do in the ACC Tournament to make the NCAAs?
I really don't know. It never makes any sense to try and talk your way into it. We've got to play our next game.

Do you have a preliminary report on Jordan Collins?
Separated shoulder.

Do you think he will be available in the ACC Tournament?
Probably not.. no.

If you win your next game you'll play Wake Forest.
We've got to win our next game first. We've got to get out of here tonight and focus on beating Florida State, who is a heckuva team.

They've had like ten games end like this where they could be in third place, maybe first place. There's no difference in teams in many cases.

How hard will it be to get over a game like this?
We have to do it, there's no other choice. I told our guys as gut-wrenching as this is for us, I don't want them to feel sorry for themselves for one second. No excuses and no self-pity.

There are people right now as we're crying about a loss that have a hell of a lot more serious problems in life than losing a damn basketball game.

Talk about the missed free throws:
That's the one thing that we can control that we didn't do a good job with. Other than that I thought our guys did a great job, and I give Wake Forest a lot of credit. They played a good game.

Talk about Engin Atsur's last shot:
You can watch the replay.

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