Via: Senior Nightmare on Elm Street

The camera fades in and we can see a foggy, shadowy outline of an ominous figure lumbering into a darkened Reynolds Coliseum.

Four, five, six, ten or more are following into the building. They are wearing Wolfpack basketball gear and they have a distant blank stare, on their face and the look of wanting. Another Senior Night, another horror show.

It's a mystery that Fred, Daphne, Scooby and the gang probably couldn't solve. This is a real haunting, not something Shaggy is going to solve for 3-4 Scooby snacks. NC State has been the victim of various Senior Night terrors the last three years, and Wolfpack fans may need to wait until next year to see if this curse is broken. It has been circumstances of demonic possession, time travel, and grand illusion that have taken a life of its own on Senior Night lately, and it shows no signs of exorcising itself. Ever since a February 2002 98-76 victory over UNC-CH, NC State has been cursed. Did State sell their souls for that regular season sweep?

2003 Wake Forest 78 NCSU 72
Submitted for your edification, picture if you will 1.7 seconds left and a game tied. Larry Rose calls a foul on lone senior Cliff Crawford as the shot clock expires. Wake's Josh Howard scores six points in 1.7 seconds. Larry Rose was quoted after the game saying, "More Brains."

2004 Maryland 70 NCSU 69
Please do not adjust your TV. NCSU holds Maryland without a field goal the last 3:01, out performs them at the free throw line and from the field, handles the Terps on the glass, and scores more second chance points, but still lost. Marcus Melvin scores 22 and Scooter Sherrill has to sit out due to an ankle injury on their Senior Nights. The team bus stops to pick up a girl in a white dress standing at the side of the road.

2005 Wake Forest 55 NCSU 53
First Rule of the Fight Club is you don't do it on National TV. Chris "Hannibal" Paul decides he needs to tender up some of senior Julius Hodge's private parts. Engin Atsur hits a sudden burst of gravity and his shot falls four feet short. Chris "Rocketman" Paul gets a one second head start, and travels, but the strangest sighting of the night was all of the Wolfpack players struggling at the free throw line. 9-of-22 free throws later, seniors Levi Watkins, Jordan Collins, and Hodge see dead balls, all of the time, they're everywhere.

What horrors await next year's seniors on their day? Who knows? Whatever you do, don't fall asleep, or look in a mirror and say "Carl Hess, Carl Hess, Carl Hess." It could only lead to another NC State Senior Nightmare.

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