Spring PC: Trestman, Dixon Quotables

<B>RALEIGH, NC-- </b>NC State assistants Marc Trestman and Dwayne Dixon met the media to discuss spring practice and here's a sampler of what they had to say.

Marc Trestman
Opening Thoughts:
Football's a pretty universal game. Everybody does a lot of the same things. We're just going to put it into a system that we're comfortable with.

Talk about the West Coast offense:
I think that may be a term that's overused sometimes. When people ask me about the West Coast offense I tell them it's not as much about three-steps, five-steps and quick-rhythm throwing. It's about a type of preparation, installation, and how you practice. It goes to a lot of different facets and not just plays.

You inherit a very good group of running backs. How do you want to use them?
I'm really looking forward to the spring because there's no set idea of what we're going to do. We'll try to be a physical, running football team and everything will take its course from there.

I don't think that's much different than most coaches who coach offenses. They start with the idea of being a physical, running football team.

In 2002 we threw over 700 passes, but we practiced the run over 50% of the time because there will be times when you have to be able to run the football. That may be where our strength is. Our strength may be our ability to run the football. We're going to try and do both equally as well.

Over the next few weeks I'll get to find out exactly what we're about offensively. I don't know anything about what we're about right now.

Have you had a chance to watch much tape of Jay Davis and Marcus Stone?
Very little. I've looked at some, enough to get the idea of what we're working with. I think they both have enough ability to work within the framework of what we're teaching.

I don't think we're going to ask anybody to do something they are not capable of doing. I think we've got the ability at quarterback to be very efficient. With the type of talent we have offensively, and the ability to run the football I think we can be a very fine offensive football team.

Wide Receivers Coach Dwayne Dixon

With being in Florida for so long, how much of this is a fresh start?
It's a fun deal. With the uncertanties, I just kept believing something good would happen because I did learn a lot of football over the years. I feel like I'm getting with a staff that has a vast knowledge of winning championships and have been a part of programs that have won championships before.

That transition has really been pretty good for me. Initially, with never moving before it was kind of uneasy, but for the most part I felt comfortable.

What is spring like for you?
Just trying to learn different terminology, basically a lot of things that are similiar but are called something different. I've been trying my best to learn and get the information to the players.

The players come to learn as best they can, watching tapes on their own, and that's been big. Basically, that's what I've been doing. Getting to know them, having them come by my office so I can get to know them a little bit. That's about it. Just getting ready for spring ball and being able to see what they are able to do physically.

How familiar are you with the tradition at NC State?
I'm very familiar with the receiver part. When you have guys that stay in the league a long time, like Torry [Holt] and the Robinson kid, you've got guys that have the experience. These guys see that, especially at the receiver spot. They say, "Hey, that guy's a baller."

I think they are looking forward to their opportunity to come here and do that, and I really feel like they'll have that opportunity. We're going to give them every opportunity to excel. Whatever it takes to win.

There's some talent you have to work with. What's next?
I think we've just got to sit down. I've been evaluating video and trying to see what guys play. How they play, how they practice, how they work... just try to get a feel for them. Just find out what they are good at. You don't want a guy to try and do something he can't do.

Just try and get a feel for how you can get your gameplan to work towards what your players do best, and then you get your best players on the field.

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