PC Audio: Jim Calhoun

<B>Worcester, Mass. --</b> No. 2 seed UCONN head coach Jim Calhoun met the media today to discuss Sunday's game against NC State.

Jim Calhoun Press Conference (23:57)

"He's done a terrific job, and quite frankly took a calculated risk, in my opinion, that's worked out great... and a gutsy risk.

"He wanted to be different, and you have to be different. You can't be one and the same unless you have the same players. If you have the best players you can run anything you want and just be simple. Space the floor and look to beat inferior players. He in turn knew he was going to get very good players, but probably saw three or four people above him who could out recruit him based upon tradition.

"[He made] an incredibly gutsy, gutsy move to go to a Princeton-type offense, and it's worked out incredibly great for him. I've always had great admiration, the fact that he's stucked with it during not so easy times and now he's got himself back in the tournament."

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