Wolfpack just wants to Dance

Basketball America takes aim at the rankings and looks at NC State's lack of respect in the Polls. The big picture is all about getting to the dance for first time in eleven years. Keep winning, and the polls will take care of themselves.

By Michael Kruse * Basketball America February 6, 2002

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Time for a game.

It's called Name That (Top 10) Team. Sound fun? Sure. Want to play? Good.

Goes something like this.

Team A is now 17-6 overall and 6-4 in its league. Team B is 14-6 and 4-5. Team A has three wins over Top 10 opponents. Team B has none. Team A has two road wins over Top 10 opponents. Team B has three road wins period.

Team A has had four conference rookies of the week and one conference player of the week. Team B? Two and zero.

Team A and Team B, by the by, have played twice now. Team A has won on both occasions. The second meeting -- Wednesday night here at the Entertainment and Sports Arena -- finished with a 17-point spread.

Got all of that?

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