Faison Emerges From Boo Event

The term is "flying under the radar." It's used when describing a player who somehow has managed to operate below the national consciousness. Byron Faison, a guard out of South Carolina, seems to fit the bill nicely.

Just like it happens every year after the Boo Williams Invitational, a few new names spring up and surface. This time around, one of those names is Byron Faison, a 6-foot-1 shooting guard out of Sumter (S.C.) Crestwood High.

Faison caught our eye when he dropped 26 points in a pool play game Saturday afternoon. According to his AAU coach, he strung together a series of impressive games. The outburst was no surprise to Dion Bethea, head coach of the S.C. Ravens, who had seen this sort of thing before. "In the super regional he was hellacious," Bethea said. "He's athletic, he can shoot it and he can score it."

The all-stater and region player of the year in his area, said that while he was pleased with his effort, there remains room for improvement. "I think I can play better than that to tell you the truth," Faison said. "I had a couple lapses on the offensive end."

When he wasn't "lapsing" Faison was busy stroking perimeter shots and being athletic. He scored 20 a game in high school last season and looked comfortable putting up the same kind of numbers with good players on the floor.

So, how exactly does a guy with his scoring package draw so little attention? "I haven't been to these camps like I should have been," Faison said. "That's the way it goes. I think I have been flying under the radar."

Florida State, Kentucky, South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, Temple, Memphis, North Carolina State and Virginia Tech have been mailing but few have seen him up close are personal. When they do spot him, the first thing they'll notice is that he's 6-foot-1, not exactly the perfect height for a two guard.

Faison isn't fazed by his height. "I'm about 6-foot-1, go ahead and say it. I think I play much bigger than that. It's only an inch, some think there is a difference and some don't."

One thing is certain, this guy can fill it up. "He's a tremendous scorer," Bethea said. "The thing I want him to work more on is getting under control; balancing his game out. Everyone knew he could score and now people are seeing that he can stop people."

He's going to get his chance. His efforts last weekend opened some eyes and recruiters are going to take a peek in the coming weeks. "I think I could play high level D-I. I think I can play with anybody in the nation."

We're about to find out.

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